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  1. issue with emissions: srt intake+high altitude

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    final post for me on this issue. PASSED finally so i did all the above. Then I noticed a fairly good size oil leak around my valve covers. They both started leaking pretty bad. So i had my local mechanic replace the valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, and the oil soaked wires, as well as the PCV...
  2. issue with emissions: srt intake+high altitude

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    ok so here is what i did 1. stock exhaust put back on including the 3rd cat 2. air filter was cleaned and dried correctly 3. maf sensor was cleaned and reinstalled 4. oil changed 5. coolant flushed with toyota red here are my 1st try numbers reading limits results HC 0.0704...
  3. issue with emissions: srt intake+high altitude

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    thats what i was thinking. And since i reverted my cat back exhaust back to stock that midpipe isnt really doing anything for me.
  4. issue with emissions: srt intake+high altitude

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    After a recent move from Colorado Springs to Denver, I had to go get an emissions test in order to renew the plates on my car. I have very little in way of modifications. I do have the srt intake with the ecu that it ships with. I also have the megan racing secondary pipe. I do notice that the...
  5. i wanted to say thanksmy

    General Discussion
    I have been the recipient of many helpful posts. In the last month i have had the following replaced on my 02 is300 Timing belt tensioner spark plugs and wires transmission flush power steering flush brake fluid flush and bleed water pump Then i had my wheel and tire combo die thanks to denver...
  6. questions about what i should do. Stock exhaust manifold with shredding cats

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    this is what i was working from. and there is one o2 on the megan. i double checked that it hadnt fallen out or had wires cut by road debris.
  7. questions about what i should do. Stock exhaust manifold with shredding cats

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    I have a 2002 is300. i have the srt intake and the accompanying chip. I have the megan racing midpipe(not really a mid pipe, i think the tech specs call it a front exhaust pipe.) and then i also have the apexi n1 exhaust. Driving yesterday my exhaust note sounded off. I pulled over to check to...
  8. Colorado

    buddy, im sorry to hear that. but happy that you guys are ok. GEEZ! solid lil cars though!
  9. Colorado

    how much for the wheels?
  10. Colorado

    damn mikey....sorry to see the damage. :-\ I hope you are ok. and the car ends up ok... I could use some advice. so the car has been running great. til about 2 weeks ago i noticed one night there was a 6" puddle of oil on the garage floor. I looked all around the engine compartment but didnt...
  11. Colorado

    still lurking hey guys. still plowing away on this jeep. that and 2 jobs, and prepping my house in the springs doesnt leave me much time. but anyways. here is the build thread: 3rdElements 1985 GrandWagoneer Build - International Full Size Jeep Association if that doesnt work you can try this...
  12. Colorado

    hey guys, sorry ive been gone for a while. trying to get this jeep all done by the time winter strikes. watch the progress of the build here: Engine rebuild *on a budget* (UPDATED 9/22/10) - International Full Size Jeep Association Almost back to the assembly stage in the engine. These cast...
  13. in need of a good rubber!

    Wheels and Tires
    hated the look of the 215 on the stock wheel. it just looked stretched to me. i guess we all have preferences. these bfg's work nicely for me.
  14. my cluster - 2nd gen on a 1st gen

    ok, im sold. :) shame you cant just make a 1st gen adapter plug to 2nd gen plug for this mod. hmmmm....ok waiting for DIY.
  15. Colorado

    "PINK EYE"?! HA! thats funny right der.
  16. Colorado

    yeah esp since i was give 2 oem hid bulbs for the is300 from a guy on craigslist a while back. :) heres hoping i can fit my big hand behind the headlight to change it.
  17. Colorado

    anyone want to meet at park meadows parking garage and ride down to outlet mall like last year?
  18. Colorado

    toyota meet alright slackers. who's going to the toyota meet on the 27th? 1.) Richard (3rdelement)
  19. Colorado

    here is the custom made splash screen for my garmin 7200 gps. cant wait till i can figure out a way to install in into my motorized housing. driving video. its a bit long, didnt feel like editing. Isolated stretch of road in colorado....of course i hit traffic.
  20. Colorado

    Mellow Yellow took some quick videos of the new hid fogs i bought through a group buy over on clublexus. :) Green fire up.(because i havent swapped in my jdm clear lenses. driving video to come...once youtube speeds up a bit. These are incredible at night on a cement highway like I-25...
1-20 of 464 Results