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  1. Teck Grounding kit Special.. IS300 / ISx50

    Tuned Parts
    What they said ^ PM me please if theyre still available.
  2. Brake Pad / Rotor Replacement *DIY* Lots of Pics ***PDF instructions now attached***

    DIY/tutorial forum
    Thanks for the write up, got all my stuff ordered and will be using your guide to do the work with a friend.
  3. Hotchkis Sway Bars: IS300 & IS250/350

    TH Motorsports
    can i get a price? is300 92058
  4. greddy evo 2

    Go Fast Stuff
    Whats the difference between Greddy EvoI and EvoII? I have the first generation and I feel like Im missing out on something.
  5. San Diego Meet 9/8 Pics Thread!!!

    damn you beat me by 6 minutes i was just editing the other thread
  6. San Diego Meet 9/8 Pics Thread!!!

    Here they are:
  7. San Diego - End of Summer 2007 Meet - Sat 9/8

    Nice seeing everyone, ill start a new thread for the pics
  8. My Calipers

    Here they are: I give credit to Brian for helping out this past saturday, I brought supplies and he showed me how. Took most of the day to do this. +rep to him
  9. San Diego Weekly FUSION boba meets ^Date:NA^

    Sounds fun I might join you guys
  10. SoCal: San Diego Spotted Thread

    spotted a msm I think, with aftermarket exhaust, I caught up to you on melrose right after the palomar airport rd light around 11:30p.m., I was in the tcm
  11. K&N FIPK Intakes which one?

    Go Fast Stuff
    Id get the FIPKII if you can
  12. Mazzuri headers + dual exhaust

    Go Fast Stuff
    Nice to know
  13. San Diego - End of Summer 2007 Meet - Sat 9/8

    1. btorok 2. ISZach 3. GraphitePearl 4. kramps 5. 1SikAltezza 6. OC5speedM 7. IS300_white 8.TCMIS300
  14. GIANT SoCal meet#2 updated with video of last year

    What we need is exclusive parking for the IS cars, since last meet a few non-IS cars decided to park along with our cars and when the L.A. caravan showed up they had to park out in the back area which sucked because honda's and other cars took their spots next to us. When I took pics I wanted...
  15. 7/14:giant Socal Meet

    Me and zach talked about it at the meet, we think its that low because of the leak.
  16. 7/14 photoshots, PLEASE add more!!!

    looking good
  17. 7/14:giant Socal Meet

    I fixed the pics, theyre now 1280x960, all same size.
  18. 7/14 Dyno: Socal Meet Pics, 56k NoNo!!!

    Done, they should all be same size now 1280x960, if you want them smaller let me know. I dont know why some of em turned out bigger size than others, they should all have been same size to begin with.
1-20 of 75 Results