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  1. New IS-F info?! and vids

    YouTube - M3 Killer - The Lexus IS F For some reason this guy said 411 HP and 350 TQ for $50K. I don't see this being posted on the site. How credible is this source? anyone?
  2. IS-F in BlacK

    IS-F the diagonal exhausts are a trend. lol
  3. IS Owners under age 21...what do you work?

    General Discussion
    who can't afford a 400 lease payment these days?
  4. guestimated price on IS-F

    That's gonna be close to 70k out the door....
  5. guestimated price on IS-F

    is this confirmed or a guesstimate?
  6. What if the IS-F was parked in your backyard?

    just saw the IS-F in person. People are right - pictures don't do justice
  7. Good Deal on IS 350 2007?

    Dealers and Pricing
    go for it man. i think it's pretty [email protected] good.
  8. Better MPG?

    General Discussion
    get an alignment and pump up your tire pressure. if that still don't work try the trade-in-for-a-prius mod.
  9. Ebay OEM Spoiler Review **PICS**

    don't tap it into your 3rd brake light. there is an extra wiring harness hidden inside your trunk - just connect the spoiler to that.(it was designed for the oem lexus spoiler).
  10. Lexus IS Has Secret Cheat Code that Enables Massive Peel-Outs

    General Discussion
    any cheat code for infinite gas?
  11. the craziest video ive ever seen.

    The Street
    $hit, it looked like it was from a video game.
  12. Bad sales [email protected] Lexus (So. Cal) is TRASH!!!!!

    Dealers and Pricing
    may be you should still buy the car from that guy. When you get the survey a couple days later, guess what you will put on there?
  13. New Official Specs of the IS350 in my email....

    General Discussion
    how da hell is 306 "well over" 300? more like "just over" 300. I'm a little disappointed. granted, a couple horses won't make a difference, but I felt like being deceived. these marketing bastards
  14. 350z forum

    The Garage
    Any news for the IS?
  15. New Is350 pics, part 2, new color too!

    General Discussion
    Hkis. don't get black, or whatever that color is. you'll be sorry. lol
  16. First Official IS250/350 Specs (Canadian)

    General Discussion
    ^^ yes. the xle limted version does come with HID
  17. Is it possible to get 300+bhp with no FI

    Go Fast Stuff
    yeah. just replace ur engine.
1-20 of 412 Results