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  1. Catalytic converter failing

    Go Fast Stuff
    drill out the cats and dont worry about it until you need to smog it next time. then find some on the fs forum. its free and it will give you like 10hp.
  2. if you think your ecu, tranny, or throttle body is dying on your manual is....

    Go Fast Stuff
    Over the last month my high mileage is300 was performing like absolute shit. It was not shifted unless i let off blipped the throttle, there was excessive intake noise, and all my power was gone. I first thought that the transmission was slipping, but it wasnt. I then thought that the ecu was...
  3. Stock Y pipe

    Go Fast Stuff
    first questions. do you think my car will pass a smog check if i punch out the cat on the y pipe? second question. does the car pull a cel without the y pipe cat? third question. anyone willing to sell there stock y pipe? email me at [email protected] thanks
  4. 2001 Transmission Problems! HELP!

    Basic Help & Repair
    anyone solve their problem? My car just started doing the same thing. It wont upshift into fifth gear at 70 miles an hour unless i let off the throttle. It makes it feel like i have maybe 10hp!!! I took my k&n intake off like 300 miles, so i originally thought i just had lost some power, but...
  5. k&n fipk gen2 for sale

    Member Sale/Trade
  6. k&n fipk gen2 for sale

    Member Sale/Trade
    perfect condition with cali carb sticker. 175 obo. located in downtown la for pickup.
  7. What Car To Get...S2k or Is300

    General Discussion
    is for shizzle
  8. Doesnt one of you own an SL55 AMG??

    The Garage
    amen brotha. bitches aint shit but hos and tricks. make her buy that shit
  9. IS Owners under age 21...what do you work?

    General Discussion
    im a part time engineer and a full time engineering student. 20 years old and payed for my car on my own. spoiled, i think not
  10. Audi releases new TFSI 1.8T for A5:

    The Garage
    why not just the 2.0T?
  11. SoCal: Los Angeles Spotted Thread

    candy red is. shaved with lambo doors, and sick rims at USC. anyone know whos it is?
  12. IS300 V8 swap, Now with a blower!

    Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    edited for his own good.
  13. Stubby Antenna

    hold on... did you think the reception would get better for this station? hahahaha
  14. EOS6 NorCal Meet 9/30/07 *pictures* UPDATED!!

    that first 350 is sooo a-z-an
  15. IS300 Picture WHORING!!! Updated Pics :D

    IS300 Owner's Forum
    drop that puppy on some new suspension, and it will look sooo sick. nice car
  16. FS: part out of my black onyx - norcal

    Member Sale/Trade
    holy shit. you have a lot of disassembling to do
  17. Ticket: How to contest.

    General Discussion
    ur f%#ked. the only chance you have of getting out of the ticket is to show up to court, and hope she doesnt. its happens a lot because they dont want to deal with petty shit like this.
  18. Blk'd-Out the IS3 Pix

    sick ride
  19. interest in stock black/polish wheels

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    Looking to trade for custom wheels with no curb rash. must have good tires. Let me know
1-20 of 34 Results