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  1. A tire question for the initial IS F owners

    The one I looked at yesterday had PS2s as well
  2. FS - Used Sways, Exhaust, Grill ...

    Member Sale/Trade
    Hey gang - My 4 year lease on the IS is coming to an end shortly so I have a few parts that I have added over the years that may be of interest to someone. My car has a total of 31K miles on it so none of these parts are new but they also have some life left in them. My hope is to find an...
  3. Broken rear view mirror - anyone know the part number?

    General Discussion
    Appreciate the tip on 89glass, but they do not carrry the part. Fortunately, Steve Ganz at Carson came through for me again and can get the part for me. Based on the info from LTunedGirl, I was able to get the correct part instead of the $400 part that my dealership wanted to sell me. I am...
  4. Broken rear view mirror - anyone know the part number?

    General Discussion
    Hi gang - Got in my car a few nights ago and noticed that my driverside outside rear view mirror glass was cracked - just the glass - no visible impact damage anywhere else. A phone call to my local Lexus parts department left me a) unsure that he and I were communicating and b) shocked that...
  5. Redline Transmission fluid

    Go Fast Stuff
    I use redline in my Cobra and although I can't claim any seat of the pants improvement, I can attest to the fact that the Ford fluid looked a whole bunch worse after 10K miles than the Redline MTL looked after the next 25K. New tranny break-in could have had something to do with it, but I was...
  6. Warranty question - battery

    General Discussion
    Just for closure on this thread. Batteries are covered under the Lexus 48mo/48K mile warranty. New battery installed by Lexus this morning and everything is back to normal. Thanks Terry
  7. Warranty question - battery

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know for sure if the battery is or is not covered under the manufactures warranty? Mine is about history (drops to 9 volts after startup then just barely makes it back up to 12 with the car running). I have been noticing for the last week that when I start the car at night, it...
  8. Recommended PSI for tires?

    Wheels and Tires
    Assuming you don't have a tire pyrometer - this process works pretty well. 1 - Borrow the kid's (or the neighbor's kid's sidewalk chalk) and soak it in a cup of water 2 - Drive the car until the tires are at operating temperature 3 - Draw a 1 inch stripe across the tread of the tire 4 - Drive...
  9. M3 or IS300

    General Discussion
    4-5 year old M3 w/ less than 20K miles. Be afraid - be very afraid.
  10. GTAutoSports

    I looked at getting some wheels from these folks a few years ago. I took for ever for them to get back to me (e-mail) so I was afraid to risk it. The last address I have is 2248 W. Freemont Phoenix, AZ 85282 Might be able to get something from the BBB with that info. Terry
  11. Phoenix AZ area audio.

    I've had good luck with SoundWerks (N Phoenix and Scottsdale) on previous cars. I talked to them about my IS but haven't done anything yet. they said they have done a few - at least the didn't give the deer in the headlights look when I asked about the unusual rear speaker/amp setup. Terry
  12. Is There more to installing a spoiler Then just sticking it

    My TTE deck lid spoiler (pretty small) is 3M tape mounted (per Toyota instructions) for nearly two years now. It is small and contacts the entire width. Anything much larger probably should be bolted. Terry
  13. Radar Detector Position?

    Mine is visor mounted towards the 'A' pillar on the drivers side. It is pretyy inconspicuous there but I suspect there is some sensitivity compromise with that location. Dead center of the windshield is probably the best location - but... I have tried several attempts at high center mounting...
  14. sway bar bushings

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    If a group buy will help - count me in. Let us know if you find a source. Thanks Terry
  15. Loaner car.... 5 speed?

    General Discussion
    Tahoe - The only thing I've ever gotten at Bell (or are you going to Scottsdale) has been an ES or an RX. Terry
  16. Lightweight 17" wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    Not sure where you rank weight, quality and price but SSR is one of the more reasonably priced forged wheels. I personally like the GT3 but I don't think that is available in a 17. You should be able to find 17 in. GT1's for around $300 a piece. If you aren't that concerned with the...
  17. LEXUS IS/TOYOTA Altezza made on the same production line???

    General Discussion
    According to the company that is contracted to assemble vehicles for Toyota/Lexus, they are assembled at the same plant. They do not provide detail down to individual production lines. Check out : Terry
  18. ..........PICs of Shift Knobs.............

    There are a couple pics of the TRD in the IS300 folder at Terry
  19. Lightning or IS 300???

    General Discussion
    Based on your last post, I think I would go with the IS if I were you. It will give you the luxury you are after and with some relatively minor suspension changes it will give you the driving pleasure you want. Comparing my IS with just upgraded sways to my Cobra with quite a few suspension...
  20. for yellow TRD sway bar owners

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    Probably the colder weather - a little bit of grease should do the trick. I have had the yellow TRDs on mine for about a year and a half and haven't noticed anything like that. I did NOT lubricate the bushings when I installed the sways but my car doesn't see the lower temps that some of you...
1-20 of 233 Results