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  1. CA: WTB: OEM Grille Emblem + Plastic Piece Attachment

    Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    I do not know exactly what it is called, but it is the plastic piece that "L" emblem is attached on an OEM grille. I am looking for both the attachment and "L" emblem for OEM grille. Paypal ready :)
  2. What Would You Take?(Battle of the Black Series)

    The Garage
    CLK for me. Can't stop looking at the fenders :)
  3. CA: FS: Joe Z Intake Pipe - IS300 ***SOLD***

    Member Sale/Trade
  4. CA: FS: Joe Z Intake Pipe - IS300 ***SOLD***

    Member Sale/Trade
    ***SOLD*** The items are located in Diamond Bar, CA. Up for sale is a black satin finished Joe Z intake pipe, 2 red couplers, and 4 clamps. I bought this as a new and never had a single problem since day 1. I've decided to return my car to the dealership so I put everything back to stock and...
  5. Suspected Counter-Strike Cheater gets Knife-headed *NWS-link*

    The Parking Lot Suspected CS cheater gets head-knifed I'm sorry if this is a repost.
  6. ONYX Bentley Continental Platinium GTO Package

    The Garage
    Pure sickness. Absolute beauty and beast!
  7. Swine Flu

    The Parking Lot
    I feel the same.
  8. JDM C-ONE Engine Cooling Panel

    Pretty clean cooling panel :)
  9. Sema 2009 - Lexus vehicles I saw at the show

    The Garage
    LFA. Nice :)
  10. 2009 Mansory Porsche 911 Carrera Facelift:

    The Garage
    I envy this. Interior is kickin'
  11. Audi R8 Photoshoot

    The Garage
    Nice. Haven't seen one in where I live yet. Still nice, though :)
  12. College student daily driver

    The Garage
    1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. 15K, not sure, but give it a try.
  13. Welcome AEM Induction Systems!

    AEM Induction Systems
    w00t AEM!
  14. Sold!!!!

    Cars for Sale
    So the car now has single exhaust?
  15. Sick Ca License Plates

  16. cheap turbo kit.....

    Go Faster
    Buying 6 of that Ebay turbo kit( free shipping ) is still cheaper than buying one of the reputable IS300 turbo kits.
  17. What would you take? (New Car Edition)

    The Garage
    R8 for me as well.
  18. 2009 Is250 Awd

    Cars for Sale
    You are not helping your friend at all if you do not follow the format :)
1-20 of 476 Results