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  1. '02 IS300 Intermittent Power Loss, Stutter, Acceleration Lag

    IS300 Owner's Forum
    Why hasn't anyone mentioned cleaning/checking the MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) on the air intake manifold? It's simple, quick, cheap and should be done routinely anyways. A dirty sensor on my '02 triggered the CEL light and three codes pointing to one of the O2 sensors being faulty. Glad I...
  2. Finally a recall for melting dashboards?

    That IS stupid the '02 isn't included in the recall. It IS a safety hazard whenever I accidently touch my dashboard and switch my attention to how/where I'm gonna wipe that crap off instead of the road. It happens almost every day, but the worst part about it is when i get some on me and don't...
1-2 of 2 Results