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  1. 2004 IS300 catalytic converter fix

    Basic Help & Repair
    Any links to oem manifolds?
  2. New to the forum looking for inexpensive mods

    New Member Introductions
    what type and size of wheels are those?
  3. 2004 IS300 catalytic converter fix

    Basic Help & Repair
    i have this same code on my 2001 so i'm interested in a solution as well
  4. Anyone know any good shops in Chicagoland?

    General Discussion
    I wanted to get an alignment from ashland auto and they wanted me to replace some suspension part for like over $1000
  5. 2001 is300 sunroof drain location?

    General Discussion
    So i've been experiencing this problem for a while now. The passenger side A pillar leaks/drips water when it rains. A shop quoted me $225 for labor to take the whole roof apart but I didn't think it would require all that work from reading these responses
  6. Where do you put your spare change ?

    General Discussion
    I put mine in the cup holder. I'm sure it's not gonna be a big issue where you put your spare change.
  7. What Is Our Car Considered?

    General Discussion
    I tell people it's a lexus
  8. AZ: Fs aem fic

    Member Sale/Trade
    You need to post pics in your actual thread.
  9. Should I fret about finding a LSD-equipped IS300?

    General Discussion
    I found mine on craiglist in a chicago suburb listed for $350 a while back
  10. Just installed my Altezza Visors..

    where did you end up getting them from?
  11. New is300 project

    IS300 Owner's Forum
    nice one
  12. Change IS300 cluster to have "Altezza" instead of "Lexus"?

    They just want to make it more "jdm yo" like when acura owners change their badges to Honda
  13. Let me educate you all on is300's, stickers and decals

    Metered Parking
    You need to relax. I'm not understanding how you're letting a random guy on an Internet forum get under your skin
  14. where to buy a Joe Z intake

    Go Fast Stuff
    where was this at over a year ago?
  15. FL: WTT for Window Visors Altezza or Weathertech (is300)

    Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    He can buy the whole set for $120 from nigel...
  16. Rising Sun on hood?

    General Discussion
    I don't think that makes sense. The place the car was built shouldn't determine what imagery I put on it
  17. 18" wheels pics on Is300s

    Wheels and Tires
    You're talking about the ones on the black car up there that blkdout posted.. I wonder too
  18. How much more Value does winning a trophy @ a car show add to your car?

    The Parking Lot
    Check out all the turbo for sale cars on this forum.
  19. Rising Sun on hood?

    General Discussion
    Post pics when you get it done
  20. ON: WTB:Headers to axleback(2JZGE)

    Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    Why are you trying to sell it already?
1-20 of 467 Results