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  1. GA: FS stock IS300 shocks + springs

    Member Sale/Trade
    I an selling my set of stock shocks with springs for $200. They are mot blown but I have had them sitting in my garage for a few months after replacing with coilovers and could use the cash to buy stock nav unit or vertex rep front bumper.

    Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    Nice build sir!!!
  3. BMW F32 4 Series Coupe: Updated w/ concept car revealed

    The Garage
    I dontt mind it except for the ricer looking fender vent
  4. New shots before winter

    Niooceeee pics sir!!!!
  5. New Set of Wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    Have you considered pulling/rolling fenders to get rid of poke?
  6. New Set of Wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    What wheels and specs are the first set?
  7. New Set of Wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    I love both... 2 different attitudes to the car...
  8. Toyota/Subaru "ToyoBaru/FT86" Car Thread(Updated 11/9/12)

    The Garage
    I love the cars platform and design... I wish i could get hands on one
  9. Socal BBQ/Meet n Greet (11-25-2012) *ROLL CALL*

    I would so come if it were no so far...
  10. So which one? 650 Grand Coupe vs S7 vs CLS 550:

    The Garage
    Personally, I prefer the S7
  11. should i buy these rims??

    General Discussion
    Not a fan of these wheels for the is300
  12. Madchyers Build Thread 5/3/16

    Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    Loving the build!!!!
  13. My feature in PASMAG

    Wow... Congrats sir!!!
  14. My 02 MSM Sportx

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    Looks better everytime i see it
  15. What did you do for your IS today?

    IS300 Owner's Forum
    I washed an clay barred my IS.
  16. New wheels on my IS

    Wheels and Tires
  17. Altezza with a ISF front end!!!!!!!!

    its amazing how neatly the ISF front fits onto the car, but just it doesnt flow with the rest of it
  18. Stainless STEEL illuminated door sills.

    Vendor Deals
    What color?
  19. My full trd lip kit with my painted roof spoiler. Plz comment!!!

    IS300 Owner's Forum
    really clean. I like it alot
  20. ToMs2jz JDM TRD NEO Widebody Build

    Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    love the car mahn
1-20 of 42 Results