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  • white_is ·
    Hey thanks man!

    That is correct, my XD9's were 18x8 +45 and I ran 225/40/18 all around. No fender mods at all, and no spacers need (for stock brakes).

    That's crazy that it's going to cost that much to get them to you though :( I guess you really have to be sure on what you want lol.

    But yeah, you'll be fine with those specs and no work!
    balbags ·
    Hi there,

    I've been surfing your IS300's build thread and all I can say is amazing and well done. I was hoping you might be able to throw me some advice as I am looking to replace all my wheels on my IS300 (as I managed to buckle one of them).

    Very early in your build you put XD9 wheels on. Can I confirm with you that they were:

    1) 18x8 +45 all around?
    2) And did you use any spacers with these?
    3) Any fender mods?

    I'm basically looking to do the same with Enkei RFP1 with the same wheel specs. I have been searching the forum for weeks and have found many set ups that are staggered (which I don't prefer as I can't rotate).

    Im sorry for bothering you, you've probably covered it in the 100+ pages of your thread but I think you'll be able to convince me. Its going to cost me $2,000+USD to get them shipped to Australia with Goodyear Eagle F1 225/40 - so you might see that I need to get this right =)

    Thanks helping the community out with your build thread.

    white_is ·
    My tires were bald as F before I installed the toe links so unfortunately I can't comment on the improved tire wear. I plan to put my Koenigs back on in the next couple weeks and I'll have new tires on them but I won't be able to comment on tire wear for a while.

    Bump steer is DEcreased with these. The rear does feel more planted and stable through turns. I haven't pushed them too hard since my tires are bald but I can tell a difference.

    I think my rear coils are blown though, so it's only a small difference. Once I put my Koenigs on I'll have a better idea of what is going on.

    If you're considering getting the toe links they are definitely worth it. Combined with the Mega arms the rear has almost unlimited adjustability. SO much better than stock.
    draven023 ·
    Nice write up on the figs toe links. Did it improve tire wear on ur tires? And did u notice increased bump steer? Thanks bro.

    Nice ride btw.
    white_is ·
    Honestly, if you want an aggressive stance get suspension first. IS's look 1000x times better lowered on stock wheels than they do stock height with 18's. Especially 18's that need a lot of camber to tuck under the fenders.

    My opinion is 10's don't fit up front. There's been a couple people do it. you have to run 10+20ish to clear the suspension and at the point you need around -3* or more camber, plus, rolled and pulled fenders, plus a 215/40/18. So I would stick to 18x8.5 and 18x10.

    I think this is basically what you are looking for:
    ohboysti ·
    hey man how you doing i got a question as far as fitment on set of wheels im trying to get my lexus on a nice stance. As the moment the car is bone stock i was thinking of buying some xxr 521 for meanwhile till the funds pick up so i was thinking 18x10 all around dont really know what size tires i should go with as far as "stretched" ill be gettin suspension withing 6 months or should i go with the 18x8.5 f and rear 18x10?? i dont mind getting my fender rolled. i just dont want to order stuff and not now what direction im going any help would be appreciated. thanks
    rvalero ·
    I take it back, they look a lot better than I was expecting them to, but I still like the MS1's.

    -Guy with 2 sets of mesh wheels
    white_is ·
    I used Toyota PN #76875-06020-C0 for the rear lip and both side skirts. You can also buy one of these and cut it into two pieces for the front lip.

    And two Toyota PN #61783-35071 for the front lip. It is too short to use only one.

    You can use the first one for the front also, you'll just have to cut it into two pieces. If you want gray instead of black use Toyota PN #76875-06020-B0

    The front lip was a VIS techno r 2 or something. It was a replica of the TRD front lip. I have since sold the whole lip kit though.
    Hishen ·
    Hey there white_is,

    I had a question and was wondering if you would be kind enough to share some of your knowledge.

    I was wonder what gasket you are using for you lip? and specifically what lip you have? did you have to do a lot of work to make the lip fit correctly? Hope to hear from you soon!

    Many thanks!

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