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  1. JUST CRASHED MY CAR 1/2 AN HOUR AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    that sucks. at least you got to drive an IS loaner. some biatch backed in to my IS right in front of my house. i had to drive a grand prix for a couple of weeks to wait on repairs. tell you what... i missed my car. :cry: good luck with yours.
  2. wierd noise when braking

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    me, too. i wondered what the hell that was. the dealership said everything is fine. i hope it goes away after i change my brake pads for the first time. strange noises make me nervous.
  3. No matter how hard you try....

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    hubcap Dude, I feel your pain. Well, almost. My IS got a good wack from a plastic hubcab...scratched the hood a cracks, though. That sucks. :x
  4. Snow .. help!

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    snow Thank God I live in Texas. :D
  5. How many miles are you rolling on?

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    mileage bought mine 11/01 - got almost 21k work in the same city i live in ouch, huh?