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  • Dennii ·
    Hi travis,
    saw your pic of the IS wheel/tire setup with the 18x9 and 18x10. I wanted an opinion on the rear of my wheels what tire size to do.
    I ordered the same sizes but with a +34 offset in the front (will play with some 5-6mm spacers to get to be +28 or +29) & a +27 in the rear.
    I am doing 215/40 in the front and thinking either 235/35 or 235/40 in rear?

    Thanks for the help!
    Roqeliooo ·
    Hey travis,
    Well i have an is300 and i have some wide wheels & i want to do a camber kit but i just cant find the right camber kit that will qive me like a -2 front & -4 rear. Could you help me out please i wouldd appricate it.thank you
    sicboy0130 ·
    Hey whats up, I spoke with you on one of the forums way back, you live in Arizona right? Man I'm looking to get out of my current set up and into something not so aggressive. It looks like you know a ton about fitment/stance, do you think you could meet up sometime and help me out or maybe just by email if you like. I can buy you lunch or whatever if you like. I was going to visit Kyoei but if I can I would rather just meet up with you since your in Gilbert/Chandler area right. Anyway let me know man, I'll owe you one. I also posted (got moved) into the thread you started for advice on setups.
    Thanks, -Chris
    twestman ·
    Nope not yet! Haha I sold the NT03's with tires and picked up a set of stock IS350 wheels for $250 with new tires... Smokin deal. I'll find the Z ;)
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