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  • TobiasSing ·
    The specs for everything should all be in my build thread. It's hard to answer questions like this, since anything is possible with enough work, and fitment depends on so many things. My fenders are rolled/pulled.
    Sansie ·
    I saw you posted a few pictures of your car in the 19inch wheel post a while ago. Do you remember the sizes/offsets of the wheels and tires? Were you pulled/rolled fenders? I'm new in the IS scene, BUT Not new to fitment
    Jerm__ ·
    aw alright, no need to know EVERYTHING that's going on though :p So anything new with the car since you've last posted? Any new plans?
    Jerm__ ·
    sweet. I got my LED tails to fit a little better. The problem is that you can't press in the guides to push into the 2 white circle clips. The OEM lights have skinnier guides so they clip in much easier. So what I did on the LED ones was just unscrew the metal guides (OEM lights have plastic ones) and then pushed them pretty hard and then I finally heard them snap into the clips. Can't wait to see yours installed.
    Jerm__ ·
    so random man. I was on facebook and theres an Acura EL group (I'm a part of it because that was my last car) and look what thread was posted

    Acura 1.7EL FX-R retrofit
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