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  • larryw ·
    Really clean car bro. I've admired your car for a long time. I was just wondering, how did you red out your tails? Did you use vinyl? If you could let me know, I'd really appreciate it.
    thulinhlun ·
    I cut a piece of Fiber Glass from a Broken Roof Spoiler that i had, the file is a little to make it all nice and even looking, the bolts it in to the Front Lip.
    JAnderson626 ·
    Hey, I am very intrigued by your front lip. Seeing that it is a type R lip may I ask what splitter you used, and maybe some more pics of it. Thanks a ton. +Rep to you
    thulinhlun ·
    Check around the Forum and my threads man. I can sit here and talk for the next 4 hours or so. Just it all on the forums already. Look around, i took a good 2 weeks to get to know the suspension on IS300 when i first just bought my car before i do anything to it
    stoke ·
    hi hey i like a lot you're cars style , im new and i want to get some new wheels with hella style can you tell me what wheels specifications you are using right know, and any other info that could help me like suspension (rigth now i have tein ss) .
    thulinhlun ·
    Front tire shud be 215/40 and Rear tire shud be 235/40, that a little meatier than what i had before but that because i was slammed so i needed the stretch so if u wannt do that then go with the tires i said, lower a bit down, then run -1.5 to -2 stock camber and u shud be good. U have to roll all fender around and run Falken ze512 or Falken ze912 by the way.
    nycgem1n1 ·
    I saw your ride on the aggressive wheel thread... very nice setup. I thought I'd PM you because you have a very similar setup up front that I wanna do also because I didnt want to clutter the thread anymore than it already is. But before I jump out the window I wanna make sure I'm ready for what I'm about to get into. wheels I'm looking at are avialable in 18x8.5 +30 (front) My questions for the fronts are will I need spacers? If yes, what size? what size tires should I be looking for? (minimal stretching if possible) for the rears 18x9.5 only available in +25 or +38... I was thinking get the +38 with a 10mm spacer giving me +28 (I want a lil less poke in the rear than you have) am I on the right track? If not, all help will be appreciated. If yes, what size tire? are any camber kits required at all? If it helps, I'm on coils, I'd like my fenders to have a 1/4" gap between tires (not a slamm) I live in NYC...looking at sportmax xxr 522 on an 5pd AR sedan. All help GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
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