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  • Sandino ·
    Paul, how are you? I realize you sold your is300 a while back but I'd like to know if you have any pictures showing the modified rear suspension on your is300 used to fit your CCW classics (ie gs400 upper control arm) any information you can spare my way would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced.
    zmott ·
    Wondering if you still have this setup:

    Fronts: 18x8.5 +45. 255/35/18 Toyo T1-R
    Rears: 18x9.5 +55. 265/35/18 Michelin PS2

    Did the lex rub with passengers and people in the backseat?
    my rears are rolled flat and flared out a bit.
    nIStwoJZ ·
    sup bro. my names gabe from Houston texas. Your name was referred to me in regards to asking if there was a plug and play harness for a 2001 lexus IS300. Its a aristo swap and I was running a mapecu3 that took a crap on me so I now have a aemv2 that I need to have wired up but looking to see if there is a plug and play harness for it. thank you for your help.
    mike2 ·
    Hi you got any Pump based maps I can paypal you?

    I have Supra TT internals + Gasket on my 2004 is300
    Boomslang PNP + EMU
    650 (625cc) Five O injectors PnP Spacers deleted
    soapscum ·
    Hey I bought the silver Ltuned is300 from MikeeMike in San Diego. Since you did the tuning can you help me with my startup? The car does not want to startup on the 1st attempt. The car stumples and then dies out. My brother is a tuner but he is not familiar with Haltech's. Can you point me in the right direction to correct my startup issue? And, can you tell me any information about the car that I should know about? Thanks
    MR.Dancheck ·
    hello, I was reading acouple of threads and you user name keeps showing up. So i figured you might be able to help me. My issue is I have 2003 is with w55 trans in it and the 4th gear sincro is gone. Now it's time for a clutch. Do you have any ideas on upgrades for a new trans? I've been looking at a r154 swap but there Isn't much on manual to manual swaps. So issues like bell housing flywheels I haven't figured out if my stock stuff work or not becuase the other people don't have any of the parts at all. Also I drive alot my IS has over 200k on it and didn't know if the r154 would be better or worse on gas. I like all guys want to upgrade turbo motor but that will be in time. Thanks any advice you could offer
    omarmalikmd ·
    Hi Paul, I read your awesome thread on your v161 swap. I plan on doing one soon too but had a few questions. There are some 02 4x4 seqioua driveshafts going on ebay for under $200. Are these the right one? I remember someone telling me that the driveshaft was around $500. Also as long as the 6speed getrag is mounted up to a VVTI tt supra engine with a little purple paint ontop of the tranny its a v161 right? Dont want to accidently get the v160. Plan on getting it from canada too. Are you still on your stock clutch that came with the V161?
    TeCKis300 ·
    Hey vylanthan. I'm no longer making the kits. Token Solutions may be making the kit and offering it for sale. Good luck
    ffxr3irstc ·
    Hi I saw your post on the oem Nav with aftermarket hu, I am wondering if you can give me some advice on the wiring, when the previous owner installed the dvd player he cut the oem plugs off, so I don't know what wire goes where on the stock hu, any advice to which pins are +,-, tx+ and tx-? Many thanks
    gofaster ·
    I wish I could go, I saw that too - I'll be up at laguna seca watching the ALMS race that weekend.
    Did you have to roll for yours to fit? what kind of clearance do you have on the inside with the 48mm?

    love to see some pics of your IS with those wheels/fitment too if you have some handy.
    What setup do you use for track events now?

    TeCKis300 ·
    I still have the wheels set but haven't used them in awhile. Those should fit fine with a very minor roll in front. My wheels are superleggera 17x8 +48 but 3 mm should be tiny.

    I'm signed up for a track day at Autoclub Speedway for the 18th of this month if you're interested. Lookup speedventures.

    gofaster ·
    Hey Paul - I just bought an IS a couple months back and I've been slowly prepping it for the track. A good friend of mine is ISzach, he mentioned that you were running 235 40 17 on 8" wheels - do you still have this setup? I just bought some 235 40 17 tires and I'm looking at buying some enkei rpf1's in 17x8 + 45. I have an Eibach Pro Kit with Koni yellows going on in a week or so. I haven't been able to find anything in the wheel threads specifically about this setup and want to make sure on the offset and everything before ordering wheels so I don't rub. Let me know what you think of the size from your experience with it.

    Thanks man,
    TeCKis300 ·
    Hey Trent,

    The kit definintely went out late last week and should be in route. It should be in your hands no later than midweek this week. Please let me know if you still haven't recieved it.


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