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  • RKT ·
    The kit is currently not installed on the engine but could be arranged for the right price,if you are looking for complete power plant and drive train then take it all.put a deposit down and i can have the engine removed and or the kit installed .i am planing to pull the drive train this winter
    unmolested 2JZ GE 85000 Miles never moded USD kit was on different engine
    Auto trany 85000 shifts very smooth USD
    $5000 for turbo kit,extras,drive train whole package price
    I have lots more photos just ask and i can send you more
    RKT ·
    Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
    Boost Logic NA-T SS Braided Oil Feed and Return Kit w/ Aeroquip fittings
    3" K&N Filter
    K&N Breathers
    Polished NA intake plemuim & extra
    intake thottle body extra
    adjustable cam gears extra
    most of the necessary clamps and bolts for installation
    480CC Injectors x 6 (fits in the stock rail)
    Injector Piggy Tails x 6
    stock Fuel rail
    HKS Vein pressure converter extra
    APEX i S-AFC extra
    FJO wideband o2 sensor extra
    hot ballast restrike extra
    Auto ecu tuned for the kit extra
    guages and sensors extra
    the kit has 5000 miles on it
    RKT ·
    all the extras i bought for this set up.i bought a new car and now i am headed in a different direction.The kit made great power,a great way to bring your sleeper car into a turbo charged beast.Boost Logic 321SS Tubular Manifold 1 5/8" Tubing and 1/2" Thick 321SS Flanges (Turbo's with a 4" inlet clears the distributor. Manifold fits a turbo up to a T76)
    T70 ..70A/R Ptrim Turbo w/ T4 flange precision turbo .68 hot side .70 cold side
    HKS 40mm Wastegate
    3" SS304 Polished Downpipe w/ Flex Joint
    3" SS304 Polished Midpipe
    SS304 Polished Dump Tube
    cat back exhuast dual magna flow extra
    3" Polished Aluminum Intake Pipe extra
    precision 750HP Front Mount Intercooler Kit
    2.5" Mandrel Bent Aluminum Intercooler Piping
    4 Ply Silicone Couplings
    RKT ·
    Hi Supra

    I didn't want to list the info on the site but below is all the equipment that comes with the turbo. He is asking $3,800 but I could probably do a little better than that. What do you think?

    Questions. In your opinion, is the turbo the only way to build more real power? I was reading a good post by an experienced guy about NA and the benefits of not going boost but that was from 2004. I can't find the post but wonder if he has changed his mind.

    Anyway, I sure don't have what it takes to install this on my own. Is it difficult to maintain and are breakdowns common?

    Had to send in parts, too long

    Thanks and sorry to bother you

    MK4 toyota supra,lexus gs 300,toyota soarer or anyone else who is interested in a sweet NA-T turbo kit for 2JZ GE please contact 587-229-0979 List of parts included: retailed @$ 5.500.00 plus extras things i had to buy seperate that didnt come with the kit i am asking only $3800.00 for everything including the
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