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  • noloc4545 ·
    Hey I forgot to I need to grease this part up? Or just plug and play?

    If I do, what kind of grease and where to apply exactly?
    noloc4545 ·
    Rvalero, just to be clear...

    1. Remove control arm
    2. Install new control arm
    3. Put locktite on bolts and screw in "snug"
    4. Lower car onto ramps
    5. Wait a minute....
    6. Torque

    All within about 10 mins (time it takes locktite to dry/settle) if I understand?
    noloc4545 ·
    Also about locktite...

    " i saw you used red locktite, well, if it was applied, then torqued, well, you need to take it all back apart, clean the locktite off, then reapply, torque, test drive, and retorque. the locktite has dried by now, and is not going to do anything if you try to retorque after it has set. good luck, and nice writeup."

    He says if you applied it, then need to do it all over again. His process then says apply, torque, etc etc....seems like it was the same starting process though so I'm confused about that as well.

    Any help, thanks!
    noloc4545 ·
    Hey man, hope youre well!

    I was following your DIY

    and I was wanting some clarification on the stabilization part. I'm still confused.

    If I get everything installed...then removed jackstands and jack and let car rest on ground, then its stabilized and I can torque? I wouldnt be able to get under the car at that point. So what if I jack it up, install then lowered onto some concrete blocks or car ramps and then had enough room to get under and torque?
    Borchers93 ·
    Hey I was looking over your write up on the Lca #2 bushing and noticed your brakes... are those supra TT brakes? If so, did you use wheel spacers, or spec out an x-factor? Thanks!
    michaelconn ·
    I really need some help pressing out my #1 LCA bushing... Do you have any tips? It seems like it only comes out one way and it seems like I have no way to hold the LCA itsself... How did you do it?
    racingrealfire ·
    Hey man, I just wanted to thank you so much about the post on air mix salvos and to make sure the temp sensor was plugged in. I was gettin ready to buy the salvo when i came across your post so i checked the sensor and sure enough it was unplugged! Thanks again man, keep it up!
    Quaker ·
    Hi! i see that you buy the same ebay kit eagle eyes and this after noon i see the same thing that the auto leveling is not include but can you remove the motor on the original light and put it in the ebay headlight? so if yes,how did you remove the motor from the housing???simply pull it hard? spin or something like that

    im waiting for your answer thank in advance!!
    rvalero ·
    Haha, you've got OCD and ADHD...ouch, that's gotta hurt your wallet. I would go with the "L" rather than "LEXUS". I think it looks cleaner. Stick with your BP's; they flow better than chrome since everything else is dark against a light canvas.
    sway162 ·
    I'm looking forward to it too! I also couldn't find a Sportx with this grill. Now, I am debating if I should use the "Lexus" emblem or "L" on the mesh. I'm kind of thinking of going back to chrome and swapping out the bp rears for my oem ones. lol I'm never satisfied!
    sway162 ·
    haha! Oh man.....good looking on you made the decision tougher! LOL They all look good! I literally just stared at the picture for a while. I'm feeling the mesh now a little bit more. Eventually, I am just going to get that smoked Altezza and keep the rest. Then I can swap them up whenever....since they all look good. lol

    Thanks for putting this together!
    sway162 ·
    lol....yeah, I always wanted one, but I am also interested in the smoked Altezza 3 bar grill. What do you think?
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