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  1. Random Pictures of Your IS!

    I finally hit a milestone! 100,001 km on a 2002! I need to drive this car more but the interior is so damn tight with 2 baby car seats!
  2. Random Pictures of Your IS!

    Haven't posted here in a while...Test fitting in a friend's garage before the winter.
  3. FZilla thread 2013

    Sick pics Bill! I prefer the white ISF. ;) Wow, this forum looks dead. Lol
  4. Random Pictures of Your IS!

    Saw your car at the Grand Opening...was wondering if you were a member here. Nice car!
  5. Roswell's Picture Thread

    Thanks to global warming...the IS is out of hibernation! The FOZ also got a little makeover over the weekend... - 2004 Subaru STI suspensions - 2004 EDM WRX rims - H6 brake upgrade
  6. the SPOTTED thread

    Why do i keep seeing a bunch of IS300 in the winter but when summer comes around I see none in Ottawa? Saw a white IS300 on Woodroffe tonite by Carlingwood mall. Car looked lowered, sounded like it had an aftermarket exhaust and had yellow fog lights.
  7. Roswell's Picture Thread

    You either LOVE the look of it or you HATE it. I'm one of the few that love the "boxiness" of it. My only disappointment is with the gas mileage...worse than my IS. Here is my mandatory shot in front of Scotiabank Place...
  8. Roswell's Picture Thread

    Hey guys, While the Lexus is hibernating in the garage, I got myself a new toy. It's a Subaru Forester 2.5XT. This car will be my DD/winter beater/baby hauler. It's bone stock for now...will see how long that lasts.
  9. the SPOTTED thread

    Saw today a blue IS300 with rims and side skirts at Bayshore Shopping Center in Ottawa.
  10. back by popular demand..... last pics before a BIG FIASCO!

    Edgy, you're still going strong with your IS huh? Props for an old school member. As for your car, it looks nice... but the only thing I would change is removed the vents in the sideskirts & rear bumper. Otherwise, very clean car. Meng :)
  11. The Phantom has arrived...

    So nice... loving the matte wrap!! Not such a fan on white seats though... be careful with what you wear... espescially new jeans!! :(
  12. Project DPE!

    Awesome job!! Post pics of them on your car. :)
  13. An "Open Letter" to the red car....

    Sorry to hear about the incident Uncle Digger... at least, it's not a permanent damage. Something similar almost happened to my new AMG last week-end while I was at DQ... freaking old man parked right besides my car while there was so many empty spots around... so the man opened his door all...
  14. the SPOTTED thread

    Saw 2 1gen IS at autocross at Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa over the blue and one auburn sky pearl.
  15. Roswell's Picture Thread

    Digger, I'm thinking about blacking out my emblems & trunk bar... along with all the chrome window trims with Plasti-dip... do you know if they sell it in Ottawa (CT or Wal-Mart?)?