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  • alleyezond ·
    Read in a thread that you converted your USDM headlights to accept the JDM housing (Black part), how did you handle the switch from 2 turn signal bulbs to 1 in the middle? What modifications are necessary? Thanks!
    aknipot1 ·
    Hey PhillyB... Saw the info you posted re: the work wheels you had... I am planning on running +30 offset in the rear, would there be enough clearance on the inside? (You mentioned there was rub on the rear depending on the tire selected. Thanks in advance for your help!

    KJ (aknipot1)

    • Front Wheels Specs: 18x8.5 +25
    • Rear Wheels Specs: 18x9.5 +20
    • Front Tires Size: 215/40/18
    • Rear Tires Size: 255/35/18
    • Negative Camber: Not sure. Its just set on coilovers with a alignment. nothing major is needed.
    • Lowered Ride Height: Coilovers Ride Height?
    • Spacers: None
    • Fender Shave/Roll: F: Vertex +15mm / R: Rolled Flat
    • Fender Pull: Pulled then had a body shop clean it up.
    • Aftermarket Fenders/Fender Flares: Vertex +15mm front fenders
    • Fender Rub: Front fenders fit perfect no rubbing at all sits flush. Rear rubs depending on what tire you go with. To play it safe go with a Falken Etc.. Or go with a 245/40
    PhillyB ·
    That would be a 200 ply fiberglass hand laid super exotic.. haha

    its a Vertex Endurance bumper. You can get them from Sage Autosports - Homepage
    scuba14 ·
    oh shit, sorry bro. i didn't wanna annoy you! i just liked the look of your car but im a newb to this forum stuff and now i know! sorry again
    PhillyB ·
    Under some really good research of the posted threads i have made you can see what was done. If i come off as a jerk imagine having the same question asked to you all the time. Even when all your mods are in your signature?
    scuba14 ·
    ahah i came to your profile asking what tail lights you had? but i guess it's not just me that want to know
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