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  • knopik ·
    The gas cap was the first thing I swapped. Bought a new OEM one. Reset the code today to see if it comes back.

    I haven't smelled gas anywhere yet, so hopefully it's the gas cap (and hoping these lines are fine).
    knopik ·
    You're my hero :D
    Thanks. I really appreciate the detailed response. I'll check these tonight.
    Can't thank you enough :)
    knopik ·
    Hey mm71522,

    I was wondering if you could help me out. I saw this picture that you linked - - and couldn't find that part on my car. I was looking near the pcv valve, and I just couldn't find it. This is what it looks like from the driver's side up near the throttle body on my car.

    1 is the pcv valve (I think), 2 is the air-out hose (i hope). I was wondering where the green part in your picture is located, ish?

    if i'm looking in the wrong place, my bad.

    shockwave2501 ·
    Hey man I noticed your red LED conversion on the dash, is it THAT noticeable of a difference from the stock amber? Ive been thinking of doing it myself.
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