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  • tk.is300 ·
    Hey man i just finished looking thru ur thread and obviously you know what you're doing! You're sx looks amazing! One question... My stock roof spoiler is in rough shape so i took it off to paint(color match to black onyx). my buddy said to sand with 320 then primer multiple light coats, Then sand on the primer with 600, Clean// let dry, then I went to paint(with the color match Toyota black spray can). I did light coats left plenty of time to dry imbetween.
    So my MAIN QUESTION is, after I went to check on it a few hours after finishing the coats of the paint, I wiped my finger across it and the PAINT WAS LIKE DUST sitting on top... -_-
    IF you have ANY ideas on what my problem could be please let me no Im dying to get it back on my car looks terrible without:(

    ONE MORE THING, I promise haha, I already have began re sanding it so if you could also inform me on a good process to go by that would be greatly appreciated!!! +++REP for knowledgable response!!!
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