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  • mm71522 ·
    You're welcome! :) Let me know if you have any questions. If these lines check out, check your gas cap for any cracks on the seal.

    Do you have a gas smell at times? During idle or after turning off your car? If your gas cap looks fine its probably going to be the overfill valve on top of the gas tank.
    mm71522 ·
    Whats up knopik,

    Yeah check those 2 lines. Right below #1 is a black box. One line attaches to the blue solenoid (I circled the solenoid) the other line attaches to a port with a green cap. Make sure the lines at the port are good too.

    The blue solenoid switch has one line from the black box, and another from a metal vacuum line under the TB. In picture 2 you can see the red arrow. The red arrow is a rubber vacuum line and it attaches to that metal vacuum line. The metal vacuum line has a couple of small vacuum lines attached to it, which I also pointed out in the picture below the solenoid.

    Check the brake booster line at the bottom right

    Don't forget these vacuum lines in between the stock airbox and engine.
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