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  • jasonm4 ·
    @darkknightrider, the passenger seat is a whole different circuit, however both seats use the same power source (30A P/S) and controls panels fed a white positive. Memory seats is all done within the seat and it's module. You just need to rewire the PS memory module and use some fuse taps. As mentioned, the memory seat switch is required. I posted a link in reply to your recent post that should have everything. Hope that helps!
    darkknightrider ·
    hey jason

    I read your posts to a fellow member who was trying to install memory seats into his is300.

    I have seats from an 05 coming that had memory and heat, will the passenger seat be plug and play? im hoping lexus prewires the cars for heat even since mine (2001) doesnt. As far as the driver seat goes if i buy the memory seat switch with pigtail wiring i can get it to work. Just want some help if you can. thanks
    ROB-2JZ ·
    Or could be maf. I'm frustrated with this hesitation thing now. Only happens during initial cold start of the day. Especially after I haven't driven it for a day
    ROB-2JZ ·
    Hi jason. Hesitation has returned. After much more reading. I have a feeling it's the trac module. I still have no cel. Would you think it's the trac module also? If so is it straight plug in or does it need calibration?
    smudge ·
    Hi Jason - I need some advice with a 2006 IS350 and you've been on a couple threads about it. IS350 2WD, date of manufacture 11/05, and discovered the wet carpets, especially on the passenger side and to the rear. I downloaded TSB L-SB-0016-10, dropping tranny was simple enough but where is the evaporator drain grommet? The only thing that looks plausible is a smaller plastic grommet above the tail shaft of the transmission. I removed it but am pretty sure that's not it, since the TSB diagrams are quite specific and detailed. Otherwise the trans hump is pretty clean. I checked with my hand and visually by taking pictures.
    I pulled the carpets and removed glove box to look for the upper end of the hose but do not see it. The pads and carpet are drying out for a day or two but I naturally don’t want to reinstall until the drain works.
    Need your advice. Thanks.
    [email protected]
    Crazycanuck1 ·
    Look me up on | #1 Automotive News Source I am fuzzybunnykiller and you will see that I am just a regular guy. Not an internet troll. I am not going to spam and I am not going to be posting lots as I have more to learn than offer please allow me to buy amd sell.
    Crazycanuck1 ·
    This buy and sell thing is really poor. I cant sell anything and I cant see any thing that I may need to buy. Makes this site really seem snob like. I live in canada and lexus of canada sets the price of part stupid expensive. I am just a regular guy trying to fix up a car that was on its way to the scrap dealer. I need all the help k can get. Advise is great but I Need parts I also have all the stock parta that I have removed to sell.
    dirtridercds ·
    Hey Im not sure if you now but i seen you have alot of knowledge on the ecu. If i bypass the ecu and i wire the efi directly to a 12v source will that bypass the immobilizer in the vehicle.
    Alucard13 ·
    First thanks so much for all the quick responses and help you have given me. I was hoping that that you could explain to me how to remove the transmission. I have alldata but that says to remove the exhaust manifold as well as a good amount of parts. The other thing i noticed is that it says to remove the torque converter bolts but doesnt say how. I also wanted to ask, how do i give you rep? thanks
    BradBedellsB!tch ·
    Hi Jason, I noticed you locked my thread about the for sale section. No big deal, as I got my question answered anyway. Yes, Ive been mostly a lurker for 8 years. Im obviously not a spammer or someone who just joined to sell something. Anyway can you guys make that forum available to me so I don't have to spam up some forums today with responses in order to get another ~15 posts? Thank you sir.
    Mrskoodle ·

    My car is currently a little over 90k miles. As I've bought this car second hand, and from a shitty owner, I should I go about my maintenance? I know that the owner replaced the timing belt around 70k miles although not sure about anything else.

    Should I go ahead and perform the 90k service? Especially where I saw that Seawell offers a bundle for $134?
    Mrskoodle ·
    Hey Jason, accidently posted in the IS250 showroom regarding my hood. Are you able to move it to the IS300 one?


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