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    Good morning,
    I know you always come through with the answers. I was looking back at a post regarding the coolant temp sensor ( I've searched everywhere on the part number for the sensor that's plugged into the bottom corner of the radiator, but can't find it. I ordered a sensor, but it was the wrong one since it didn't screw into the radiator. Do you happen to know the part number for that radiator sensor that controls the fans?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, -Rene
    GeeEss ·
    OK; since I'm pushing the envelope I may as well rip it a bit with one more query

    I swapped to a USDM Manual ECU as Brandon advised car runs better with it. Makes sense I thought (Apart from throwing Codes looking for non existent Transmission Solenoids the Auto ECU seems to pull timing on gear changes...).

    Thing is you lose some (CELS) but pick some up... Non US cars don't have all the EVAP piping (incl. Sensor) on top of the charcoal canister so I'm now getting a CEL ( DTC 0450 ) because the USDM ECU is looking for a non existent Evap Pressure Sensor.

    Any ideas on how to bypass this and/or trick the ECU into thinking it's there would also be welcome...
    GeeEss ·
    Kept reading the VSC delete thread and a UK member advised that 1G/9 was the equivalent RHD Terminal to 1A/4 for VSC delete.

    Excellent I thought; I'll try that. Nope; no cigar so I'm back to throwing darts as far as figuring out how to wire CC on RHD car.

    If you coud refer me to a UK member that's done n Auto > Manual Swap on an IS300 that would be great. . .
    GeeEss ·
    Something else I thought I'd mention. . .

    Another issue I had (that Brandon didn't as his IS300 Auto came w/o VSC) was that the (USDM IS300 Manual ) ECU I installed was throwing CELS for both VSC & ABS; AFAIK this is because on a VSC Auto you also need to swap out the VSC Skid Computer for a non-VSC unit that isn't looking for inputs from a Yaw Meter / sending outputs to a Buzzer.

    I have ordered a USDM non-VSC Skid ECU off Ebay (which I'm still waiting on) which should hopefully lose me the VSC CEL. Further to this; until I get the matching Skid Computer I have to keep the Yaw Meter mounted/ connected as I get an ABS CEL if I disconnect it.
    GeeEss ·
    Hi Jason,

    I came across a VSC delete thread you posted in back in 2012 & thought I'd contact you because it contained information relevant to an issue I'm having getting Cruise Control to work on a RHD Manual swapped car.

    I recently completed an R154 swap using Brandon Currans original 2011 thread as a guide > Auto to Manual Swap, Wiring, Ecu, CC, NSS, CLSW, Trac, Snow, now smogged in CA! - Lexus IS Forum

    I've been touching base with Brandon through the swap & he's been a fantastic help but we're a bit stymied with the CC because the wiring is obviously different on RHD cars & we can't source RHD wiring diagrams anywhere so don't have a clue on the RHD equivalent of the LHD 1A/Pin 4 terminal you splice the wire from CC Clutch switch into.

    I would really appreciate any information you can give me regarding the equivalent RHD terminal to 1A/Pin 4
    JD412 ·

    My names Jack. Noticed your a Moderator and from Pittsburgh PA and I was hoping you might have some input regarding a problem my 02 IS300 (5spd) is having.

    My horn isn't working. Pretty sure it's the clock spring but I wanted to confirm with someone more knowledgeable. And your from Pittsburgh, a plus.

    Check my relay and it seems to be good (switched with the EFI). Got a clicking sound coming from the relay when I press on the horn. Could it be the clock spring?

    I'm not well versed with mechanics or wiring. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


    neeekd ·
    Hey Jason. I wanted to shoot you a couple questions about the mysterious brake light/tail light failure..

    been fighting this for a couple days now and you posted all over the forums before...

    Can you shoot me a text 925-628-7956

    Thanks bro!
    ramirez1934 ·
    Hey bro im trying to retro fit memory seats on my 01is 300, and i still got the old cloth seats. do you think if would be easy to transfer all the motors and harness of the old seat on to the new 05 seat ? and get rid of the ecu memory? thanks
    ABB-IS ·
    Hi Jason,

    I was looking at your post about the tensioner pulley issues. I have an 01 IS300 and after my timing belt was done, there has been a slight rattling sound coming from the tensioner pulley with low rpms. The drive belt pulley does have this vibration at low rpms and you can see the belt spinning has a bit of movement. I changed the pulley with a new OEM one but the issue is still there. I am not sure if this was similar to anything you have had.
    VividPrimitive ·
    Hi Jason, really found your post about charge/alternator/battery troubleshooting helpful from back in '09
    got an 07 is350 which had starting issues and flickering and intermittent power (electrical) outings. Changed battery to new and after a few days same issues started occurring.
    the cold sitting car reading fluctuates between 12.5 to 13.2, when started up it fluctuates as well and lights flicker. I kept the meter on the terminals and ran another wire from one of the grounds to the battery terminal where the readings jump to a proper 13.8. Wonder if you had any insights of what could be causing this and any remedies?

    jasonm4 ·
    @01 SolarYellow, I cannot find just the socket, it appears as if it comes as one whole unit.
    2005 IS300: OEM Electrical (CENTER STOP LAMP) Replacement Parts
    01 SolarYellow ·
    Question I looked around on the forum. But did not find it. The high mount brake light bulb socket. Basicly the 921 bulb socket in the rear window. Do you have a part number for it?
    jasonm4 ·
    @Mk3turbo_newb-there's 2 10mm bolts that support it on the outside and 3 pins that lock into place into the quarter panel. Also two clips, as shown in the link below.
    2005 IS300: OEM Electrical (REAR TAIL LAMP - SEDAN) Replacement Parts
    Mk3turbo_newb ·
    Hey man I'd like to know for sure if I'm correct or not. I've had my is300 since November of 2013. One of my tail lights has been bugging me for the simple fact that it sits in place loosely. I went to take it off and fix it yesterday and found out that the previous owners had jimmy rigged it! I was wondering if there were some rubber spacers or rubber washers that go behind the the housing where the two bolts go? Could you write back and let me know or best call me and let me know. 559-920-9562

    jasonm4 ·
    @mjk6121-if only your cluster lacks background illumination but everything else does including the radio and switches, then check positive green pin 22 and white-black negative pin 10 on the cluster main connector to see if you have power.
    mjk6121 ·
    Hi Jason, I noticed that you helped a member with a similar issue and could possibly help me as well. Last week the lights in the main gauge instrument cluster stopped working on my 2002 IS300 when the headlights were on. All the icon lights on the main gauge cluster continue to work as well as the lights on the center panel. But there is no background lighting to see the speedometer or the fuel gauge. I checked the Panel and Gauge Fuses and both appear to be fine. I then went and purchased three #194 bulbs and replaced those in the instrument panel using the tutorial on this site. The main panel still does not illuminate. Any ideas what could be causing this? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.
    darkknightrider ·
    Hi Jason,

    looks like I am in a tricky situation with my seats here is the link to some pictures. The passenger seat has the memory module. There are several harnesses on both seats that I do not know where they go to. The seats from the retrofit discussion that you refereed me to may be different. The seats I bought are off a 2005 with memory and heat. I have a 2001 IS with no heat.
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