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  • N*E*R*D* ·
    Hey my dude, I was looking through the forum for some audio advice and i came across your great write up. I am interested in the rear speaker spacers. Are you still making those? and could I please get a set for ,y is300. Thanks for any info and the great write up again!
    aluminum_welder ·
    Hopefully you're still active on here and see this message. I recently saw your thread about sound deadening and had a couple quick questions. Did you actually put the dampening material on that outer skin of the front doors? I'm wanting to dampen my car this weekend, but was worried about putting the material there. I didn't want it interfering with the window going up and down. Also, did you do the lid to the actual trunk itself? Most of my noise seems to come from the lid and spoiler. I'm trying to figure out how to stop that.
    bpguns ·
    Are you still making subwoofer IB baffles? Do you know if yours would work on a 2IS, 2011 IS 350? If so, can you message me price for 12" and 15"? Thanks
    terry pham ·
    Hi, do you still make the Subwoofer baffles? If so, can you please message me a price for 10"? 12? 15?

    And paypal address as well,
    SoCal4Life ·
    Hey man, I am upgrading my system and am going to put a sub in there. Do you think you could help me build a custom box? Thanks
    Canadaboy288 ·
    Hey, so I just blew out my rear speakers and just want to replace them and I would like your opinion. 1) I can just buy OEM replacements on Ebay which I dont want to do because I will blow them again 2) Would this work if I cut the harness off the blown speakers and attached the 2 ohm woofer channel with Kicker 08CVT652 Component Car Subwoofers at using the 6.5 inch adapters online and replace the tweeter with an aftermarket one that has the same ohm's?
    Thanks for your help
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