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  • billdoggy734 ·

    I was just reading your comment on an Auto to Manual Swap Thread from a few years ago and had a question.

    "Alot of pins have to be repinned and the connectors are different also so new connectors too. I did a 01 auto to 02 manual swap and i made my own patch harness for the engine body harness. i bouht a 01 patch harness and a 02 patch harness. I used the 02 male connectors(that go into ecu) and i used the 01 female connectors(plug into the actual harness). I had the 02 manual ecu and engine harness so having that saved me quite a bit of repinning... It's not fun and its not an easy task. took me approximetly 3 months(triple checking eac wire) to make my patch harness.."

    I currently have an 01' with an 02' manual parts car. Was it worth making the patch as opposed to swapping the manual body harness? I'm dreading that part of my swap, so I'm just curious why you repined instead of a full swap.

    is300FREAK23 ·
    emblem is from certain lexus aftermarket rim center caps.... they come brand new off the center cap with double stick tape.. I work at a lexus dealership so this was readily available.
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