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  • gaddooks ·
    Say hommie ,,could u send me a copy of that wiring diagram of that a/c switch and fan ass, having sum issue with mines ,,,thanks
    jasonm4 ·
    Hey Ian! how you been? I just been busy working alot and trying to get an "IS" meet together in pittsburgh(the 1st...hopefully). anyway, the radiator fan thread is never-ending and it is a simple circuit. I cant make it any easier to the OP. Chow on some rep buddy...
    storm ·
    Hi Ian,
    Was reading through some old posts, and you mentioned that you had your clutch done. Would you be able to tell me where you had the work done, and what the cost was roughly? I'm about to have mine done and looking for a reputable shop. Thanks in Advance!
    jasonm4 ·
    Thanks for the rep guru! Says I can't rep ya back till I spread Your a very smart helpful member here. Have a good new year.
    sway162 ·
    Hey Ian,

    Thanks a bunch for the VSC info you just emailed to me. I really appreciate you taking the time putting that all together and saving in a PDF document. That is a lot of good information and will be very helpful. I have a lot of studying to do now and will do some work this Sunday. Stay tuned......=)

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