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  • chicotunner07 ·
    Hi Froggy47, first off thanks for all the awesome info and vids you've done on the sticky dash issue.

    Im in the middle of repainting the dash using SEM adhesion promoter and SEM satin black, about how long would you say i should wait to re-install the dash? I want to make sure the paint is as durable as it is going to get to avoid as many marks when reinstalling. Also, how well did the SEM finish dry and how durable does it seem to you? like how easy would it be to scratch it with your nails for example.

    Again thanks for all the help!
    froggy47 ·
    I believe it's the black box (servo?) that is just left & above my finger in the video. I am gonna replace it & do a vid & show you guys how it goes.

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