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  • TLT Strategies ·
    Hey, how's it going? My name is Trever, I'm down in richmond. I like the things you're into. Do you make your own swap kits? Also, are you on social media, facebook?, Instagram? I'd love to follow your craftsmanship and if we can ever do business together that would be amazing. I tend to not get on this page so much anymore, there's more outreach in the facebook groups around the world. It's cool to meet people in the same areas that are into the same things! anyway, take care
    Posh469 ·
    Quite honestly I trust your input more than most other users on here. Can you advise on my latest thread related to AC Delete - Pros and Cons?

    Might I be best just to replace the Condenser and leave the AC System in tact?
    Ek9B18 ·
    I seldom look in this section of the forum. I found your last message by mistake. You're better off signing up and starting a new topic.
    Ek9B18 ·
    It's been twoish years so I can't tell you specifically. I'm using most of the heat shield and then trimmed some of it off nearest the steering shaft. My suggestion is to install the motor, check clearance while turing the steering wheel then trim/ding where needed. The SC400 manifold didn't need much trimming.
    Moody80 ·
    Thank you for reply, before i went to workshop to install the engine , may i know where is exactly i have to dent the exhaust manifold of SC400 Driver side as i read
    please just point it because the workshop will not wait me as you know
    thank you very much
    i purchased gs400 engine mounts and transmission mount
    if any advice i have to do it before i install engine please tell me because it is first my swap ever

    Ek9B18 ·
    AC works fine. PWR/SNOW never worked. The design is different. I'm manual now too so I don't really need power/snow. I'm not using a GS body computer.

    >>Is it possible to use resistor without fuel pump ECU ?

    I didn't try. The problem is that the 1UZ ECU doesn't have a pin for the resister relay. It was designed for the fuel pump controller. You could probably run it full voltage all the time too. Might need to check your idle fuel pressure to make sure it's not too high.
    Moody80 ·
    Does A/C works after you wiring mpx line ?
    Do you disconnect PWR and SNOW from A/C and connect it direct to GS400 body ECU or to engine ecu ? because as you know both buttons connect to A/C ecu in iS300 and IS200
    Is it possible to use resistor without fuel pump ECU ?

    My car IS200 2000 model
    i purchased engine 1uzfe vvti of UCF20 with loom and ecu and i like your work and you are lucky to find gs400 in my country we do not have gs400 only gs300
    that is why i could not purchase gs400 donor
    Lepchitz ·
    I'm about to pull the trigger on this build. I renew my tag and emissions this month so I will have a year to get out all of the kinks!

    I have sourced a JDM 1uzfe out of a 00 GS400 with only 45k miles. It comes with all wiring, ECU, Auto Trans, etc. Will the JDM ECU work or will I more than likely have to get a US one? Im not sure whether the setup will come with a Fuel pump controller so I will more than likely have to find one of those as well. Did you end up using your IS fuel pump or did you install the GS one? Also, I can't remember whether the 1uz is a returnless system off the top off my head.

    I noticed some very nice heat shielding on the last post. Were you able to swap the stuff from the GS? Looks great! I really appreciate any help/ advice you can give me. Your build was inspiring and I love that you matched up the factory wire colors and all as I will be doing the same.

    Thanks in advance,

    p3t3rxp4n ·
    hey how did you get your drive shaft out the tranny side im having a hard time and i dont want to mess up the bushing thats holds it in place you and a easier way help me out lol
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