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  • WonCleanIS ·

    As I've been reading threads about superchargers I've seen many of your posts. One in particular I noticed you were talking about developing and selling SC's. The thread was from 2011 but I am interested in knowing if you are still putting kits together. LMK if you are. Thanks!
    Troongs1 ·
    Out of all the grills and emblem setups i've seen your's by far sticks out the most. I actually have had the idea of basically doing what you did but painting it red instead, Any tips. cuz i was looking at your pics and man, you were on point, When my JDM SD grill came in yesterday i thought i was going to be the only one willling to paint an emblem the big emblem. I basically was hoping it would turn out like a bigger version of the smaller one. Cuz i like the SD grill and the smaller obviously doesnt fit .Let me know. And for some reason, there hasn''t been a single picture with both the large and smaller emblems side by side anywhere. But any tips on the painting you did to help me out would be appreciated, Thanks!
    umak3m3s1ck ·
    hey bro i came across your page here, was wondering if your car is really SC'd ive been wanting to do that on mine so im looking for idea how it runs
    jimmyboi612 ·
    Hi I been searching on the forums about dual exhaust set ups I really likes yours and was wondering if you could email me a template of the exhaust cut outs? Thanks
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