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  • LBC_IS300 ·
    Happy new years man! I've been pretty good. Just super busy with school. Thanks man! Since you last saw my car, i've added 2 Bride Low Max seats, Toyomoto header and Y pipe, SRT intake, and a Vertex Kit. How are you man?
    98dxslpr ·
    Still waiting on the header. Parcel mai, takes a little longer to get here. I did verify with JIC that the header is a legit prototype. Thanks! I'll let you know when it comes in and leave a trader rating for you.
    dicky_tan ·
    wow that's cheap.and i am so happy , u like the coilover.
    i just saw ur picture, u have short antena or jdm antena, how much? where u get it?
    LBC_IS300 ·
    Hey Diky, Im doing good. The Tein HA are really good. No problems. I took it in to change the damper clicker and it costed like $80
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