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  • PhoenixLexi300 ·
    Hey man, I'm in the Phoenix area as well and really trying to figure out what is the best way to go about building up this car.

    I picked up an import aristo motor but haven't got a chance to thoroughly check it out.
    I got an r154 variant (the ar5) - trying to figure which clutch setup to use with it.
    Aem infinity computer to run the engine with plug and play harness
    Tuner told me to get aem sensors for good tuning - stock ones aren't precise enough

    Did u figure out your car issue? After I did some maintenance I forgot to hook up the O2 sensor and the mas airflow and my car was acting similar to what you described. The one I bought was pretty Neglected and after catching up all the maintenance it's running and driving nicely. These cars seem to hold up pretty well. I've done 5 track days with mine (pushing it as hard as I can) and it's had zero problems at 200k miles. Not even running above normal operating temps.

    Anyhow I was hoping we could share info and experience
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