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  • tk.is300 ·
    Whats up man? I saw your sport cross spoiler and the paint looks amazing!!! Mine is looking bad so i took it off to re paint it but something went wrong and the paint is just like dust sitting on it???.
    If you could hit me with a good method to follow for prep/paint/clear etc...(Whatever will cause it too color match BO best). BTW, Im using the Duplicolor color match Toyota black rattle can. Thanks!!!!! +++ REP for a knowledgable response!
    I need it back on my car asap it look awful without it :(
    nates_03IS ·
    Do you happen to recall what type of terminal was needed for the speed sensor wiring for A13 on the cluster?

    Thanks for the write up you put together!!

    Alucard13 ·
    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I have a 2001 IS300 auto that doesnt move when i put it into gear. I took a look at the neutral safety switch after reading your swap tutorial and realized that pins 6 and 9 were cut from the harness and connected to each other. the car will start but I was wondering if maybe that would cause the problem that i am having. thanks
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