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  • huntsman ·
    hey, hows it going?

    I saw you around the forums especially on that thread about the xs turbo build that lexusboy was doing. Im kinda in a dilemma whether to turbo or supercharge the is300. Iv been reading around and i continue to read. From my research seems like no body makes supercharger kits for the is300 anymore :(

    Im only looking to get about 300-350whp or slightly less would be fine too nothing to crazy. Seems like a supercharger would do it and it looks like it be easier to install vs a turbo and i believe it be cheaper as well but not entirely sure yet.

    I would just like to get your 2c on what you think is a good route to go. Planning on doing this next summer so gives me plenty of time to read and educate myself about it.

    Thanks and appreciate it. Also how was that XS turbo kit I think you had it to correct?
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