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  • david martin ·

    I'm having trouble starting a for sale ad for my is. When I click post new thread I receive a error message stating, "You do not have permission".

    metanoia ·
    Hi - I tried posting to the Marketplace (which says all members can post vehicles in for sale) and I couldn't do it. Any idea why?

    Capt Donkey ·
    I'm sorry to ask as I know the answer is somewhere, I'm just not finding it. I have a 2002 IS300 MT I want to post for sale, how is this accomplished? Thanks!
    Kendrick77 ·
    Hey, i'm trying to post in this page and apparently I cannot, is there a reason why? i'm trying to make a monster out of my IS but how can I when I can't post my WTBs.
    davenado700 ·
    Hey- I've been lurking for a long time while I built my is300, but am now looking to sell my upgrades. I was thinking of posting in "Go Fast Stuff" but didn't want to post to the wrong place since i'm a total noob, was hoping for some guidance as to not piss anyone off.

    Thanks for any help.
    rhunt1 ·
    I'm selling my customized 2006 IS350 which was my first Lexus and which inspired me to join this site. I don't believe I have enough posts to qualify for classified for sale listing, is this correct and is there any way to get an exception or do I need to post a bunch of comments on a bunch of threads to qualify? Thanks in advance for the help!
    garageyourself ·
    We would like to host a My.IS Dyno Day in Miami, possibly a wrenching day too if you are interested. If this is something you are interested in doing We would offer 2-5 pulls on our Dyno Dynamics Dyno (2wd) for $35 and you will receive printed graphs of wide band AFR, manifold pressure (For forced induction vehicles), horsepower and torque. We also offer a basic BBQ to your members.

    We are a Do-It-Yourself shop that has recently opened and would like to meet local car enthusiasts and introduce them to our shop. The concept of this shop was to create a win win situation for all of us who enjoy cars and enjoy doing our own service, mods, repairs, tuning, etc.....

    Please take a look at our website and let me know if you are interested in setting something up, or if it ok to post up an off in the "South" section of your forum.

    Thank you,
    Todd Palmer
    JB44 ·
    Hey, I used to be a member when you guys were, would my password be the same? I wanted to browse your "for sale" section as I want an intake for my '05 IS, who would I contact for help on my old password and such? Thanks for your time.
    tunedis300 ·


    I paid my Life support subscription and my attachments storage has not increased?

    let me know

    oldguy ·
    Ok, just read the rules for WTB forum. Am I to understand that "part for sale" now fall in this forum? And to post parts for sale you have to meet the "50 posts" criteria? Curious as to why the change. Old forum was a great place to find stuff, way better than searching Craigslist! :) Thanks.
    oldguy ·
    Hi. Wondering what happened to Parts for Sale? Sorry if I missed the post or announcement somewhere, couldn't find anything on the subject......thanks!
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