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Copyright Infringement
Posting of copyrighted material is not allowed without explicit permission from the copyright holder. For example, scanning and posting the pages of a car magazine would be a big copyright violation. This is actually the law and you could get in serious trouble if you break it. Remember, the content of your posts is your responsibility and the owners of Lexus IS Forum will not be held liable for any infractions by the members.

Freedom of Speech
While we are firm believers in the freedom of speech and expression, you DO NOT have the right to say whatever you want in this community. Anything that goes against our core beliefs or breaks any of the guidelines set forth by the Administration will not be allowed. Posts and comments that are meant to incite conflicts between members or outside parties are strictly prohibited. Lexus IS Forum Administration and Staff has the absolute right to close (or leave open), edit, modify or delete any content found in this community. We will not tolerate individuals or groups creating problems within the community. It's our site, and if you don't like it, I hear the Internet is really big.

Profanity and Language
While we understand the majority of members are grown adults, we do occasionally have young adults and children that visit Lexus IS Forum. Also, we strive to be in the public eye as a professional auto enthusiast website. We want to reflect well on sponsors and advertisers, whose patronage keeps this site operational.

Please consider, some people are offended by vulgar language. If you feel you must use obsenities to get your point across, please keep it to a minimum. Try, as hard as it may be, to actually portray a civilized member of society. Extensive abuse of this rule will lead to your posting privileges being suspended.

No Commercial Advertising
Advertising is not allowed in any way, shape or form within the general content of Lexus IS Forum. Those violating this rule may be banned without warning! Any company or company representative wishing to advertise legitimately with Lexus IS Forum should visit our advertising information page for details on our offered campaigns. Please note that becoming a paid advertiser/sponsor does NOT exclude you from the rules regarding commercial advertising or sales within the forum.

This includes links or plugs in signatures, profile pics, logos on gallery images, avatars, posts in forums, contact phone numbers, product plugging, etc. There is no form of advertising that is considered "OK", so just consider anything you post that is remotely commercial will probably get you banned from the site.

Exceptions: You MAY put a company url in the weblink portion of your member profile. You may also list a sponsor in your signature, but you may not make it an active link.

A flame is a direct insult or slur directed to a member. "Flame Wars" generally refer to a thread where several parties partake in such action. Users partaking in such actions will be put on probation or banned based on the severity or repetition of their actions. Listed below are our definitions of "flames":

Insults - Any type of insult directed from one member to another member. There is a fine line between sarcastically playing around, and being a jerk off. Please remember that there is a big difference between "criticism" and blatent "insulting". IE: "In my opinion, I don't perfer pink cars." vs "Your pink car is a piece of sh*t, and so are you!" Remember, there is a human being with feelings on the other end. This rule is a tad more lenient in the Off-Topic forums, but please use your better judgement.

Homosexual Slurs - Any type of homosexual slur directed from one member to another member, whether it'd be false claims that the member being flamed is a homosexual, or mocking a homosexual member for their sexual preference.

Sexual Harrasment - Any type of sexual slur directed from one member to another member, whether it'd be describing explicit sexual behaviors involving the member being flamed, or typing sexually explicit slurs using the likeness of the member being flamed.

Racial Slurs - Any type of slur directed from one member to another member or ethnic background insulting a specific ethnic background. This one will get you banned folks, and with no questions asked.

Outside Links
Outside links can only be posted if they are relevant to the topic - as in a direct link to a news story about the IS300. You must explain your link! Links without a description of the content being linked to will be deleted. No, we won't edit it for you as it is not our job to explain the link. If you use a link, describe it.

No inappropriate links will be tolerated in the On-Topic forums. If it is not pertaining to the site's main content, it will be moved to an Off-Topic Forum or deleted entirely. No outside links are allow in signatures.

A signature is a unique option that allows you to include various bits of information in a small section after a post. Signatures are subject to the same rules as posts, so, if something is not acceptable to post, then it is not acceptable for a signature!

Signatures are also subject to the following rules:

Images - Images are turned off within signatures. Outside Links - Only links to pages within my.IS are allowed in signatures. Link to your profile, gallery or an article. Outside links are allowed in the profile under the "homepage" field. Advertising - As per advertising rules (above), advertising in sigs is NOT allowed and may result in immediate user ban. This includes commercial links in sigs, contact info, personal sales, etc. You MAY put your Company Name, and your title in a sig. You MAY put your company url in your profile "homepage" link.

Length - Signatures may not exceed 5 lines of normal (2) sized text or 8 lines of small (1) sized text.

Width - Signatures may not stretch the page, whether it'd be intentional or accidental.

Glow BB code - Signatures may not have a total glow strength that exceeds 15. Multiple glows may not exceed a combined total of 20.

If you are asked by a moderator to change your signature, please do so immediately. Failure to do so will result in your signature being deleted. A repeat offense usually results in an account ban.

SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Material/Message. We all hate it, so letís not contribute to spreading it. Frivolous solicitation and self-promotion is not allowed. Links to other sites that are relevant to the discussion are fine, but promoting your own or somene elseís commercial venture or competing site isnít. This rule applies to all functions of the board, including e-mails and private messages. Loudmouth Forums does not provide free advertising space. It is at the discretion of the board owners to make the final decision as to what constitutes spam, but just use common sense and weíll be fine. If in doubt contact the administrator.

Off-Topic Posts - Any post that is either irrelevant to the topic of discussion(thread jacking), or forum is classified as SPAM.

Intentional Post Count Raising - Posting comments just to raise post count is considered as SPAM. We refer to this here as "Post Whoring". A common instance of this is replying to questions that have already been answered and repeating the answer (see; Bumping Dead Topics), or just posting nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with that forum or discussion at hand.

One-Word Replies - One-word replies are classified as SPAM. There is code in place which forces the user to use at least 6 characters in their post, however that doesn't mean it is ok to litter the forum with One-word replies like "wow", "nice", or "cool". Moderators will delete most posts of this nature.

Bumping Dead Topics - Bumping a topic that has not been posted in in over a month is usually considered SPAM. Moderators will use their discrecion in these cases. A user should have a reasonable reason for bringing back the dead topic.

Personal Member-To-Member Threads - This is not a chat server. If you post a thread directed at a specific member, it may be classified as SPAM. These are generally refered to as "Shout Outs", and they are annoying to other users. If two people engage in off-topic discussion within a thread, it may be SPAM. Please use the Private Messaging function to contact members privately about personal matters, or discussions. Moderators will delete such threads or replies. Off-topic posts are allowed on the following forums, under that forum's specific rules: Off Topic Forums Parking Lot, The Street, Garage however, the rules still loosely apply.

Private Messaging / E-mail - Any user found to be using the Private Message System or E-mail links to SPAM other users of this website will be locked, banned and their IP will be blocked permanantly. Any member who suspects they are being targeted with SPAM through these systems should Immediately contact a site Administrator.

Affiliate Links - They aren't allowed, period. Not in a profile, not in a signature and they are not to be posted.

Trolling is another common problem here at Lexus IS Forum. The big difference between "trolling" and "flaming" is that a direct insult is not always the factor. It simply has to be a comment intended to antagonize another person or group purposely.

Trolling is where a member provokes another member into an argument or flame war by means of flaming the member, or making a post when the member knows full-well that it will cause an argument or flame war.

A common example of "trolling" is when a member posts something that insults/provokes another group of members/moderators, i.e., posting a thread/post on a PlayStation 2 forum saying that X-Box is far superior. Another example are the common Trolls we get from other "rival" car forums who post on Lexus IS Forum to stir things up. Lexus IS Forum Users Trolling Other Sites - We know the admins of a lot of other car sites, and they tell us when our users are causing trouble. If we catch wind that one of our users are a repetative problem outside the site, and is reflecting poorly on Lexus IS Forum, we will take action.

Sale Forum's Rules and Guidelines
Read this BEFORE you post in any of the Sale Forums here at Lexus IS Forum. Please adhere to the following guidelines and help us keep these forums a worthy resource for all members.

Current Marketplace policy dictates that no member can access the classifieds until they have met certain requirements. 50 viable post, 90 days membership, and greater then 0 rep is what is needed in order to automatically be added to access the classifed section.

As of August 1, 2011, all threads/posts selling an item must now include a picture of the actual item with the seller's screen name and current date written on a card or piece of paper next to the item being sold. No "bait-and-switch" of stock photos from the Internet of the part in question.

No COMMERCIAL posting allowed! - The Sale Forums are for IS300 owners and enthusiasts to trade and sell parts among each other. All commercial posts will be deleted and user is subject to account ban!

The Sale forums are not for businesses to advertise or unload goods. If you post more than one of the same item for sale that is considered selling for profit and will not be permitted here. Any company interested in advertising their goods and services at Lexus IS Forum should go through the proper channels to do so.

Selling via Private Message or otherwise using this website and its resources to peddle your wares and your services will result in your being permanently banned.

Group Buys - Group Buys are considered commercial as well and ARE NOT allowed in Sale Forums, or any other area of the site. Please click here for info on offering group buys or any other commercial sales to members of this site.

New User Restriction - To protect our members from quick buck scammers, and to weed out commercial profit scrubs, you must have 50 viable posts, 90 days membership, and greater than 0 reps to view and start a sale in this forum. If we witness evidence of a new user spamming replies and posts just to get their post count up, they will be banned."

Post Your Price, NO Auction Type Sales! - Running your sale like an auction is not acceptable in the Sale Forums. This is not EBAY - last we checked it was Lexus IS Forum. We find this to be a highly dishonest form of selling. There is nothing stopping the seller from telling one member he/she got a higher offer through Private Messaging or Email, when they really didn't. So in short, you must list sale prices in your sale post! No further explination needed. If you post an auction type sale, it will be removed and you will be flagged with a warning to your account.

IS300 Parts, Accessories, Etc. ONLY - Items must be specifically usable on the IS350, IS300, IS250, IS200, Sportcross and/or Altezza. Mobile audio/video and radar detectors are ok. Game systems and laptop computers are NOT acceptable. No selling your Spider-Man comics or Barbie collection. Again, this is not Ebay!

No Public Bid-Wars or Price Bashing! - Show common curtesy to the person that is selling their item. Do not reply to their post with "Hey your price sucks I will sell anyone the same spoiler for $20.00 less!". If you can offer it cheaper, contact interested parties via Private Message or start your own sale post. Don't encroach on another members sale post. That is thread jacking and is a warnable offense.

If you think a members asking price on something sucks, feel free to post your disagreement. Just remain civil, respectful and don't try and start a flame war.

No Advertising In Sigs - Please do not list for sale items in your signature. If you wish to link to a for sale post you have in the Sale Trade forums from your sig, that is fine. Details - It should be obvious that the more details your Sale post has, the more successful your Sale or Buy will be. Please try your best to be as descriptive as possible in your sale posts. Pictures are worth a thousand words as well. Don't forget you can upload photos to your member gallery of your sale item and link directly to it from your sale post.

Post Subject Prefix - Try and use the following format to help people know your intent for posting. Start your post with the following codes in the Subject field to verify what your sale thread is about. If it is something general and the codes don't apply, just be sure to enter a good description in the subject.

FS: For Sale
WTB: Want to Buy
FT: For Trade Only
SOLD: Go back and edit your post later with this update if your item sells. This way people don't waste time viewing it if they aren't interested.

Examples of a good sale post's subject:
FS: Graphite 17" Wheels, slightly used
WTB: New or used APEXi SAFC>/i>

Bumping Policy and Rules - You can bump your thread every other day (that would be every 48 hours) but no more that 25 times total. Responding to a inquiry or comment from another member will not count as a bump. Also, NO FREE BUMPS. This is when anyone other than the seller bumps the thread (i.e. "Cool guy bump, bump for nice item", "Good luck with sale"). It will be up to the Moderators' discretion on how to handle excessive bumping, but possible actions include: 1) deletion of your post; 2) deletion of your thread; 3) giving you a warning; 4) giving you a temporary ban. These rules are in place to be fair to all members and give others equal chance to sell their items. If your item is not receiving attention or inquiries or has not sold after 25 bumps, please consider lowering your price. After this time period, it is at the Moderators' discretion to lock your post. If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact your friendly Marketplace Moderators via Private Message.

Site Responsibility - My.IS and/or it's moderators and administrators will not be held responsible for any posts made within the Marketplace forums. My.IS is not responsible for any statements made, sales gone bad, money stolen, part failures, or sales which lead to dispute. YOU SELL AND BUY ITEMS IN THE MARKETPLACE FORUMS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

We thank you all for your cooperation. Keeping this forum ruly will make it a better experience for everyone. :smile:

Warning System
The warning system was put in place to give Admins and Moderators an easy way to issue rule violation warnings to users. It is based on points, with each type of violation having a point value. Rack up too many warning points and you may find yourself under a temporary site ban.

I received a warning message via PM!
Oh uh! Read the PM and go over the infraction details within. If your infraction is something you can fix, like a signature violation or link, then fix it immediately. If you still have no idea why you received the warning, you should probably re-read the information above in this guide.

Can I dispute my Warnings Record?
Do not post in the forums regarding your warnings. If you feel the warning was completely unjust, you may reply to the PM to discuss it with the Admin or Mod who issued the warning. At times, we may also review older warnings and purge them from the system if the user has been on good behavior.

Report Post Button
See this, ? That is the Report Post button. You will find it on every single post in the Lexus IS Forum message forums.

Please use this tool to report a post you feel has broken any of the rules or guidelines found in this user guide. Giving users this ability, we hope to weed out problem users fast and efficiently.

However, we ask the tool is only used to report site rule infractions. We don't need to alert our moderators every time a post goes off topic, or because a user posted NWS content in your thread about what you ate for breakfast. Matters of this nature should be reported by private message to a moderator.

All reports are logged, and any user found abusing the Report system is subject to account ban.

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