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OptionalZero 11-30-2018 10:03 PM

Better than OEM shift knob: Super-Klasse
Came across this while looking for a new shift knob to go with my CubeSpeed short shifter (coming in Dec!):

It's a reproduction of a JDM MR2 shift knob, but designed to be double the weight of OEM, and customizable with different stiching

I just installed it on my IS300 - can confirm it fits, and DEFINITELY feels heavier. Its personal preference, i suppose, but i really like the feel of a heavier shifter.

I had OEM and a TRD leather ball shaped shift knob:
The TRD sticker kept coming off and it felt way too light.

The Super Klasse one has an immensely better feel. Not too expensive, either!

Goopi 12-28-2018 04:04 AM

Nice. On the MR2 the shifter never felt anything like the IS300 even after upgrading bushings and whatnot, but that is just how it is designed. I have a few of these and might try them on the IS to play around with how it feels.

I have the TRD one right now and it feels nice.

ChildSupport 12-29-2018 03:53 PM

I think I follow you on instagram lol

sherpa 01-08-2019 10:37 PM

Thanks for sharing, might have to get one for my r154.

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