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Originally Posted by IS300included View Post
This is a topic that has always interested me. I know I'll build an NA IS300 at some point in my life.

Brian Crower also makes a full compliment of valve-train components:

Spring/Retainer Kit


Has anybody actually done a serious APU build?? Forgive my newbness here (mods feel free to delete my post). But I'm curious as to what this combo here would produce as far as HP/TQ numbers are comcerned:

- Crower Stroker Kit
- Crower Stage 3 Cams
- Cam Gear
- Crower Springs/Retainers
- Crower Valves
- Headwork (porting, polishing etc...)
- Greddy E-Manage
- Larger Throttle Body
- Intake
- Header/Exhaust

Sounds like that could make some serious power.... but I can't find any record of anybody doing it.
I would love to see someone put together a solid NA build like this, unfortunately, it is expensive and unproven. I know I've seen a number of people that were interested in doing this, but no one knew what kind of results you could expect, no one wanted to find out for themselves either at the high price of doing all of this work. At least we're starting to see some dyno results from the stage 2 crower cams now (which look pretty good so far). It gets expensive quick though, especially the stroker.

In the end you would easily spend as much as it would cost to boost the car and you would probably have a good bit less power than if you had boosted. On the other hand, you don't have the complications of a turbo and intercooler piping and you have a (hopefully) nice NA powerband.

Have a question? Try the FAQ or, if you can't find an answer there, search before posting your question (hopefully in the correct forum).

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Luv this thread.
Does anyone know that Borla made headers for IS300 back than 2001 with limited quantity?
I know someone selling it right now and asking for $900 brand new.
Was it worth it just for the headers?
I can upload picture maybe tomorrow.

Edit 8/9/09 upload picture

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Any idea as to how much Power can be pushed though these NA mods?
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i have stock motor just change the jic header 2,5 inchi coming with y piye and small resonator too,magnaflow catalytic and for back i put hks hi power. i like the sound andlittle bit loud.
so i have question, if i put my jic header 2,5 inchi and i want make y pipe custom with 3 inchi all the way to muffler. and my question is ,that's working or not? i mean if i put 3 inchi my car have more power or just make loud and no power? because the pipe is to big. and my plan, i want put greedy emanage too.
so i need helping from u guys, or maybe u guys haave another option.
thank u
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for nolmits88.
like my friend, he have stock motor and he like running n/a.
he change the header, from colector he put 3 inchi pipe, 3 in y pipe, hks resonator, aftermarket catalytic and with carbon hks. do u know how much ? 220 hp,218 toqt. that amazing , and i not believe it. and he saw me the dyno report.
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great write up and its nice to see some actual intelligence instead of "hey what'd you put on your car, that would look sweet on my car". This is the first time I've heard someone mention "flowing heads" or vvti cam change out issues. I am a fan of N/A, mainly because i come from the motorcycle industry, but also because i live in CA and need my car to pass emissions tests. And no, I'm not going to do a full turbo kit then try to change it all out in a weekend just to pass my smog check up on monday, then put it all back. Ive seen several people over the years that try it and it never works out. If your married at least.... again, great info here i love this crap.

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Excuse me for being so naive, but what is N/A?
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Originally Posted by Plasticpedals View Post
Excuse me for being so naive, but what is N/A?
No problem, means Natural Aspiration (or Naturally Aspirated).

'02 IS300 MSM LSD
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You can add this to the list:

Meziere Electric Water Pump - 93-98 Supra 2JZ

I've been running one for a while, you do have to trim the plastic timing cover by the water pump a little though.

In 5 years I will have the worlds fastest IS300... because everyone else will have parted out and bought an M3.
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this thread should be ON FIRE!! just wanted to bump it. after all, it's a Sticky... are people dissatisfied with their N/A performance? a TB, intake, cams, exhaust (from the head back) should be pretty peppy. the more air you can get in and out of the engine is the goal.. no?

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I'm doing adding two more cylinders...
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I'm gettin ready to do cams and cam gear with the VB upgrade. This will hold me over while I am putting together my turbo kit part by part... Ill throw up some dyno of before and after from stock to "just" cams and -3 cam gear to see/show how much that combo will yield. And me being the most picky person about mods, I will post up my opinions/ feelings as well

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what about modifying the quench area by adding metal alloy to the head chamber to raise the compression ratio? for my case it's cheaper to weld/add aluminium than buying custom made high CR pistons, I have most of the ingredients for modified NA power , cams 264, sprocket, +1mm valves, springs, light weight dampened crank pulley (over drive), XS-power side intake plus 1UZ TB, ECU will be unichip piggyback
currently running long headers plus complete exhaust system (2.5 inches) and flea bay intake and light weight pulleys.
most of the head works on the internet involve increasing or polishing the chamber for boost purpose
but not enough info about adding quench!
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You want to pull the head off and add metal to the combustion chambers? That seems very complicated. Just mill the head to bump the compression.
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