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Awd300 11-25-2018 09:07 AM

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Here is my diy project, i bought it as a stock car, went gte pistons and and forged rods NA-T, gtx4202, th400, 6k converter, e85, i eventually overpowered the stock ring lands, then replaced them with some CP pistons then cracked my main caps, as i needed a new block and crank i decided to buy an awd toyota crown from japan and get to work making my IS300 awd. The awd is still a work in progress but not too far off.

mesooohoppy 11-25-2018 09:13 AM

looks like quite the project! do you have any pics of the awd conversion?

Awd300 11-25-2018 10:25 AM

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Heres a few of the awd setup

Awd300 11-25-2018 10:49 AM

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Heres a few more, i keep things very understated, interior has ratchet shifter under manual trans boot and no gauges. Ecu takes care of vvti, fuel, ign, boost, flex fuel, and failsafes etc.

Awd300 11-25-2018 10:58 AM

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And more

TobiasSing 11-25-2018 02:40 PM

Wow! Very nice build so far, and welcome along! Looks great

Bempa 11-26-2018 01:05 AM

Wow really nice setup! Is there any manual gearbox that would work in a 2jz AWD configuration?

RSV4_chic 11-26-2018 08:45 AM

Curious on why you didn't go with the AWD Altezza Gita swap, I would image that would have more parts that would correspond with the chassis rather than the Crown. I could be mistaken though. Really excited to see the outcome of this build.

mesooohoppy 11-26-2018 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by Bempa (Post 8321329)
Wow really nice setup! Is there any manual gearbox that would work in a 2jz AWD configuration?

i was about to ask the same question. although, i believe the answer is no; just looking for confirmation.

xXInsanePowerXx 11-26-2018 12:51 PM

Very cool swap, just curious to see how itíll hold up. None of the automatic 2JZ transmissions are particularly good and handling power and I canít imagine that front diff is all that strong either. But still, really cool swap!

Arzon 11-26-2018 09:46 PM

So the chassis already had clearance for the transfer case?
Interesting build, kudos for that

Awd300 11-27-2018 11:53 PM

Crown and Altezza use the same subframes so crown or gita is no differen except theres a million crowns worth fuck all and gita are very rare.
My front diff is a 7.2 inch and rear is an 8 inch, this is larger than gtr diffs (R160 and R200 FR) so i doubt i’ll have an issue. I am not using a toyota gearbox or transfer case, im using a full manual transbraked turbo 400 GM box i have adapted to take a new process np125 transfer case that usually resides behind an awd 4.0l turbo inline 6 barra engine in a 2.5 tonne suv.

Awd300 11-27-2018 11:55 PM

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The chassis has none of the awd mounting points or bulges/recesses to accommodate the awd system, i have cut them out of my crown half cut and grafted them into my is300, this is not a bolt in job, it has a significant amount of fabrication required to make it work.

Awd300 11-27-2018 11:58 PM

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Tunnel mod for front prop shaft, transfer case bulge will be fabricated from scratch rather than cut and shut from the half cut.

Awd300 11-28-2018 12:08 AM

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My th400 is built for 1200hp, my torque converter is rated to 1200hp (6000rpm stall on the transbrake) and the transfer case is a 32/68 FR torque split chain drive unit, my rear diff is a plate type 200mm with a spring and shim upgrade the same as jzx etc use, i have had to stick with the 4.3:1 gearing of the crown due to the limited availability of different ratios for the front diff. This gearing should see it go close to 150mph over the quarter on 26 inch tyres with 8500rpm rev limit.

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