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IS3_FTW 03-06-2014 07:18 PM in Australia question?
This place is in Sydney Australian. I saw an article on modified magazine a few yrs ago on an Time Attack built R34. Decided to browse their site and came across some parts i am looking to purchase. Just need to know if this place is legit. Their customer service is great and been emailing back and forth for a week now. Very helpful, but just want to confirm if its a real business. Call me paranoid, but im just trying to watch my back on international purchases ;)

Thanks and here is the link
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IS3_FTW 03-09-2014 03:03 PM


mike2 06-25-2014 01:54 AM

Hi I didn't notice this till now.. How did you go?

They are a consultive type business that ships products out. I don't believe they have an actual store

IS3_FTW 06-26-2014 08:39 PM

i ended up going with a local supplier. Spent a little more than i wanted to, but felt safer in the long run on being scammed. I was in communications with them and they mentioned that they were just a supplier and not a store.
I would still like to know if they are a company?

mike2 07-08-2014 02:20 AM

They are a registered company and have been since - Registered from 01 Apr 2002

IS3_FTW 07-08-2014 07:57 PM

yes, I read that on there website. It also shows that they renewed their registration this yr. But the thing is, I like concrete evidence that they are a real distributor like they say they are.

If you were to buy something from here, would you just hand over a few hundred cash and expect them to deliver, or would you do research before attempting to purchase something? Maybe im just paranoid, but that comes with how the economy is now, and how many scammers are out there in the world

mike2 07-09-2014 12:09 AM

Adam seems to be active in many local forums. Ive had friends who track their cars regularly on circuits recommend him for more race orientated parts.

I get what you mean about their website being so vague and very plain. No physical address but they are doing something right. He is more of a goto guy or possibly drop ships direct from supplier to consumer

link to other Australian forum where he is a paid sponsor
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