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Tigger 11-08-2010 12:33 PM

Where on earth is the For Sale Section?
New User Restriction - To protect our members from quick buck scammers, and to weed out commercial profit scrubs, you must have:
  • 50 viable posts
  • 90 days membership
  • Greater than 0 reps
to view and start a sale in this forum.
If we witness evidence of a new user spamming replies and posts just to get their post count up, they will be banned."

SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Material/Message. We all hate it, so letís not contribute to spreading it. Frivolous solicitation and self-promotion is not allowed. Links to other sites that are relevant to the discussion are fine, but promoting your own or somene elseís commercial venture or competing site isnít. This rule applies to all functions of the board, including e-mails and private messages. Loudmouth Forums does not provide free advertising space. It is at the discretion of the moderators to make the final decision as to what constitutes spam, but just use common sense and weíll be fine.

Intentional Post Count Raising - Posting comments just to raise post count is considered as SPAM. We refer to this here as "Post Whoring". A common instance of this is replying to questions that have already been answered and repeating the answer (see; Bumping Dead Topics), or just posting nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with that forum or discussion at hand.

One-Word Replies - One-word replies are classified as SPAM. There is code in place which forces the user to use at least 6 characters in their post, however that doesn't mean it is ok to litter the forum with One-word replies like "wow", "nice", or "cool". Moderators will delete most posts of this nature.

You may read more details here: Sale Forum's Rules and Guidelines

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