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Been Boosted for awhile but just getting around to doing this! Page 5 bishes

Here ya go..Sorry if the pics are large..
  • Used Srt kit..stage whatever
  • Turbonectics T04E turbo
  • Turbonectics racegate
  • Turbonectics manual boost controller
  • Greddy 2mm headgasket
  • Greddy E-Manage
  • Precision Turbo 550cc injectors
  • Walbro fuel pump
  • Blitz bov
  • Spearco intercooler
  • Veitronix Wideband, EGT, and boost gauge.
  • Custom "Cat Free" down pipe and wastegate dump
  • AR polished catch can
Installation and all tuning done by myself.Was able to get 329rwhp @327 ft/lbs torque at 80 degrees with base tune at 12 lbs boost. Havent dynoed since street tuning.I run without any O2 sensors to prevent learning.

  • Headgasket Installation
  • Head off
  • Going back together
  • Turbo Install Complete!!!!

  • Just started on C-West body kit install

I need to take som more updated pics to post and I am trying to find my dyno printout to scan...

2004 TCM E-Shift SD
SRT Turbo
Built not Bought. Daily Driven.
"This car will never be done"

Lexotic Concepts SSI 003

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Rollin Boosted
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Well, it has been quite a long time in the making and it makes me very happy to finally post up the fruits of many hours of labor. This car has some very unique features and will hopefully change the way many people think about turboing the IS. I would like to send and great amount of thanks for Jeff and Sean at TurboEast for their hard work and foresight to make this dream come true for me. I also have to show love to my boy Jayson who pushed me to go bigger and better with the car.

The drivability of the car is absolutely phenomenal and the idle is rock solid as if it was stock. My biggest surprise was how fast the car actually spools with the 67mm garrett turbo (this turbo is a new design and was made to TE specs). Also, under the surprise category is the racelogic traction control unit. This unit is the real deal in my opinion and is a must for every boosted IS with big power. With the unit off the car will spin all the way through fourth, but with the unit is on it spins once or twice, catches and goes like a bat out of hell.

The biggest feature of the car and what has kind of been hinted at is the PCS piggyback EMS unit. This unit is absolutely unbelievable in terms of the functions it can control and the tunbaility of the software. This unit is controlling my second fuel pump to kick on only when it recognizes positive intake manifold pressure and can kick it off when i go back into vacuum. Some of the features are that it uses a 3bar map sensor and an independent fuel pressure sensor in order to control certain functions. As far as question go about the unit I feel i should let Jeff handles in terms of his knowledge and how much info he wants to give out on the unit. So without further a due here are the specs on the car:

GTE Shortblock
TT Headgasket
Stock GE Head
ARP Head Studs
Titan Motorsports Cam Gear
Greddy Blue Strong Timing Belt
TurboEast Tubular Manifold
Tial 44mm Wastegate (open)
TurboEast Spec Garrett TE 67D Turbo
Large 24x8x3 Front mount intercooler (Core 17x9x3)
3 inch Down and Mid-pipe
Koyo Aluminum Radiator w/1.3bar cap
3 inch Intercooler Piping
3 inch Turbo Exhaust into a HKS Carbon Ti

R154 Tranny Swap
6 puck clutch
Supra TT Pressure plate
Custom Drive Shaft (2 piece)
Custom Short Shifter

TE Custom Ignition Amplifier
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

TurboEast Guage Pod
Greddy 52mm Boost Gauge
Greddy 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge
Greddy 52mm Exhaust Temp Gauge
Greddy Turbo Timer
UEGO 1000 Wideband (PFS)
Blitz SBC-id III Boost Controller
PCS Engine Management
Racelogic Traction Control

Fuel System:
TurboEast Dual Pump SR system
650cc Injectors
Fuel Return

Wheels & Tires:
18x8 and 18x9 Iforged Aeros (Polished)
BFGoodrich KDW2 (265 in the rear)

Zeal Coilovers
TurboEast Boxed-in Lower Control Arms
TurboEast Custom Rear Sub-frame Bracing
Hotchkis Sway Bars

CarsonTuned Front Bumper
Custom Carbon Fiber Grill w/ Black Pearl Emblem
VIS Invader Carbon Fiber Hood (Custom Paint)
Fig's Hood Prop Kit
TurboEast Rolled Fenders

Lexotic Concepts MW 004
Elusive Media

R.I.P. 2001 GGP Auto *Ran 13.440 @108 on spray*

2002 MSM IS300 5spd w/LSD *TurboEast *
628rwhp and 581 rwtq @ 25psi no cams
MMSport LED Tails and Sidemarkers

R.I.P: Alex aka Mr. 13rightside
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dot com
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-Precision 55 Trim Dual Ball Bearing Water Cooled Turbocharger w/ Turbo Blanket
-SPL Iron Cast Manifold w/ Heat Wrap
-Tial 38mm Wastegate
-TurboXS Blow-Off Valve
-RC Engineering 440cc Injectors
-Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
-Precision Front Mount Intercooler
-Intercooler Piping
-Transmission Cooler
-TurboEast Electronics Black Box
-SRT Valve-Body Upgrade
-(6) NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
-Stainless Steel Oil Supply/Return Lines
-Polished Charge Pipe
-All Couplers and Connectors

-Innovate Motorsports Wideband AFR Guage
-Carbon Fiber Gauge Mounting Cups
-Defi 52mm Mechanical Boost Gauge
-Defi 52mm Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Gauge
-GReddy 9mm Oil Catch Can

I'm going in for some fine tuning on a dyno soon so I'll post my sheets. I'll also have pics and vids up as soon as the weather clears up.

More info and a couple pics of the install in progress...

SPL Auto Tuning
1042 E Addison Ct.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

SOLD: 2002 GGP IS300 TURBO w/ AEM EMS - 301 RWHP ; 326 RWTQ @ 7psi (Mustang Dyno)
Modified Mag Full Feature (March 2008 Issue)

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-More work-

-long list, so ill post later.

-No longer boosted, parting out-

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.TE S1 kit, but using:
- Turbonetics TO4E turbo
- Turbonetics racegate
- Greddy Type S bov
.TE street clutch

305 rwhp, 292 ft lb @ 8 psi.. running the stock exhaust. Car is SUPER quiet, just how I like it.

Need to clean up the car so I can do some exterior shots, but, its a stock looking GGP.. except when you pop the hood open.

MORE pics will be posted soon.

Some new pics.. was still dirty and the hood is 'rock chip' city. Hahaha.. I guess it gives it more of that 'sleeper' look I am after.

Short video profile:

-Eric|'02 ggp 5spd turbo **RIP 3/28/09**
Lexotic Concepts NE011|Canon Shooter

R.I.P: Alex aka Mr. 13rightside

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I've been boosted for about 8 months now and I'm love'en it. I'm sure everyone already knows what the kit consist of. If not go visit TE.

The bird nest

She's a sleeper.....for now. A full C-West kit & some staggered 18's are on the way.

Turboeast IS300 Sport Turbo S2 kit + Greddy EVO II exhaust + Greddy Boost, EGT, & Oil Pres. gauges + L-Tuned spoiler + 6000K HIDs = A Sleeper R.I.P.

2006 WRB/Gold Subaru Impreza WRX STI
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I've updated my original post to add:

-Larger FMIC (polished)
-TE Stall Converter (2,800rpm)

Being shipped:
-TE turbo blanket
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1. custom / stage ??? / w58 with phr stage 3 clutch kit

2.using fairuza's old custom manifold (POS), t64, turbonetics racegate(POS), custom intercooler (26x10x3.5), e-manage, hks dli, split second esc-1, blitz sbc-id III, 550cc injectors, denso plugs, 3" downpipe, 4" turbo inlet, hks cam gear, return fuel line, phr fuel pump bracket, supra tt fuel pump, aeromotive fpr/gauge, nx 50 shot, hks filter, blitz bov.....


4. no data until i get my tubular top mount manifold installed with a new tial 44mm wastegate.

5. none i care to share.....

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this thread is like dead.

here is my pic:

'01 SBM. TT internals & cams, EMU, PFS built tranny & 3" exhaust. 446 (pump)/535 (mix) rwhp. JDM Wald, Custom BBK (8 pistons front and 4 pistons rear), GT-N (18x8 F & 18x10 R)

LC NE013
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Might as well add myself.

Custom Stage 1.5?

GTE bottom end
ARP studs
BoostLogic headgasket
Boost Factory cast manifold
Garrett 60-1 turbo
Tial 38mm wastegate
Greddy Type R intercooler
Aluminum I/C piping
Greddy Type-RS blow-off valve
Blitz sbc-id electronic boost controller
Blitz sbc-id power meter
BoostLogic fuel system
Custom cat-less downpipe
3" HKS Super Drager
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Aeromotive FPR
Greddy Emanage


No Pack. Lone Wolf

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Loped out SUV
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Here's my setup, all custom built by Peter Farrell Supercars.

-PFS custom solid motor mounts
-GE shortblock w/GTE internals and oiling mods
-TT headgasket
-Ported and polished GE head
-Crower valvesprings and retainers
-HKS 264's intake and exhaust
-Titan motorsports cam gears
-Power Enterprise blue timing belt
-PFS tubular manifold
-PFS 3" downpipe, midpipe and exhaust w/ JIC muffler(loud!)
-Precision Turbo 74mm GTQ .68a/r turbine housing
-Custom intercooler 32x12x3
-3" intercooler piping (hotside) and 3" to 4" (coldside)
-PFS custom GTE style intake manifold w/ wilson 90mm TB
-Turbosmart 45mm wastegate
-Boostlogic turbo blanket
-Koyo radiator w/ custom fan setup
-1000cc injectors
-PFS custom dual intank pump setup
-PFS return fuel system w/ Aeromotive FPR
-Nitrous oxide spool up kit 100 shot (up to 20psi)

-PFS fully built race trans
-PFS modified torque convertor (3200 stall)
-PFS valvebody
-Fluidyne trans cooler

-Electromotive TEC3 EMS
-Electromotive GM coilpacks(3)
-Defi link BF boost, egt, and fuel pressure gauges
-Defi link controller
-PFS uego wideband
-Apexi AVC-R boost controller
-Racelogic Traction Control
-PCS Transmission Controller

The car dynoed 576rwhp @ 19 psi on pump gas(93 octane) and 720rwhp @30psi on C16. Don't forget this is an auto trans, so there is more drivetrain loss than a manual trans car.

Best 1/4 mile so far is 11.15 @ 130mph. That is the only time the car was taken down the 1/4. The run was at 26psi w/ nitrous and the trans skipped 4th gear.



RIP Alex

Former- 2001 Onyx 6 speed built and tuned by PFS
575rwhp pump/ 641rwhp pump-meth/ 740rwhp c-16

Current- 2006 Black Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
CAI, Ported intake mani, heads, cam, headers, modded stock exhaust, coilovers, modded tcm

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Back road boosting
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Well I will join the fun

Garrett T04E 60 Trim
TE Front Mount Intercooler
TE Tubular SS Manifold
TE 3" SS Downpipe
TE 3" SS Exhaust
TE 3" Racepipe
TIAL 44mm Open Wastegate
TE Dump Tube
TE Turbo Blanket
Cometic 2mm gasket
ARP Head Studs
Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump
EPI Fuel Pressure Riser
TE Black Box
Mandrel Bent I/C Piping
6 NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs
HKS Oil Catch Can
TE Open Element Air Filter
TE Transmission Cooler
TE Valve Body Upgrade
TE Manual Boost Controller
Carbing Radiator Cooling plate

Defi Boost, EGT and Fuel Pressure Gauges
Defi Link V2 Control Unit
TRD Japan 60mm Gauge Pod
AEM Uego 1000 Wideband O2
AutoMeter CarbonFiber Gauge Pod
Passport 8500 hardwired

McCulloch 3000k HID conversion kit for foglights.
AAC Satin Black Headlights with DDE.
Figs Hood Props
35&#37; Tint Front and Rear Windows

Tein S-tech
L-tuned F&R Swaybars
TCS F&R Strut Tower Bars
TE Rear Braces
Fuzion ZR-i Tires.

And a few quick pics

And its finally back up and running.

2001 448rwhp IS300 (sold)

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Wow, I guess I should add my info...never got around to it before..


GTE block w/ TT pistons/rods
GTE headgasket
GTE fuel and oil pump
GTE Cams
GTE Valve Covers
GTE Spark Plug Cover
GTE style Acosta Motorsports Intake manifold
Q45 90mm ThrottleBody
PT-67 turbo .68 backhousing P-Trim
ToyomotoTubular Turbo Header manifold
Unorthodox Cam Gears
all metals polished chrome
Tial 40mm Waste Gate
Tial 50mm BOV
MoTec M600 with Mini Digital Dash Display unit
MoTec CDI 8 Ignition
Precision 780cc Injectors
Aereomotive FPR- return fuel system- Walbro fuel pump
3 " custom piping (downpipe/midpipe) all the way to turbo exhaust/resonator/ w/ MagnaFlow cannister

previously dyno'd @ 475 rwhp @ 16.8 PSI

now estimated @ 500 rwhp+ @ 17 psi


automatic transmission (A650E)
Valve Body Upgrade and Custom re-inforcement of tranny (sprag gears/clutchpack)
TRD limited Slip Differential
Upgraded high stall Torque Converter(3200)


Brembo Rotors/Stoptech SS lines/Axis ULTIMATE pads
SSR COMPS 18x8 225-40 18x9 255-40, BFG KDW tires


Authentic L-tuned kit bought through South Bay Lexus in California
2003 Sportsdesign grille
flat black painted Headlights


TRD gauge pod with Blitz AC Gauges: Boost, Pressure, EGT
Greddy Profec B type 2 EBC
Pioneer headunit


double din NAV with JDM Toyota double din unit
paint and install C-west single vented hood

1993 Toyota Supra
[email protected] 17 psi
R.I.P. 2001 SBM L-TUNED Toyomoto Built TURBO
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Twisties Addict
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short drive by

Me next...

Heres a few pics of my baby.

For vids go to

475rwhp at 18 psi on 93 octane pump gas
300rwtq at 2900 rpm
450rwtq at 3400rpm

Then he had a little fun with some C16 race gas and hit...

549rwhp and 522rwtq

Mod list...
Garrett GT35R (w/Turboeast T4 Exhaust Housing)
GTE shortblock w/bored out oil pump
Large 25x12x3 Front mount intercooler
Turboeast Return Fuel System
Tial 44mm open Wastegate
Turboeast Boost Dialer Boost Controller
TurboEast Stainless Steel Tubular Manifold
TurboEast 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
Turboeast 3" Stainless Steel Custom Exhaust(HKS Carbon/ti Muffler)
TurboEast Turbo Blanket (black edition)
TurboEast Tuned Greddy E-Manage with Ignition, Pressure Sensor
575cc Injectors
255lph Fuel Pump
TurboEast Piggyback Conditioner ECU
TurboEast 3" inch Racepipe
TurboEast 2mm Low Compression Headgasket
Unorthodox Exhaust Cam Gear
APr cf radiator cover
custom "lexus" cam cover
T6061 Aluminum Intercooler Piping w/ Black Coating
Koyo alluminum radiator
TurboXS RFL...aka "really foking loud Blow-Off Valve
K&N Air Filter
Turboeast V160 Swap w/ Custom 1 Piece Driveshaft
HKS GD-max clutch/pressure plate/flywheel
V160 shifter with momo boot & JDM TRD knob
Turboeast Supra TT Rear End Conversion

2010-Rossion Q1
2003 CW IS300 5spd ---"Back in the game"
Lotus Exige S--Sold
04 Turbo IS3--475[email protected]450[email protected]----SOLD :(

StraIght LiNes DoN't MeAn Sh*T when you have lowering springs

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So i finally got some pics in the section. Iv been boosted almost a year now and so good so far. Almost everything on my car was done myself but seriously couldn't have done it without this site, so thanks.

2004 MSM with LSD.

PFS/Custom Turbo Kit:
Turbonetics 60-1 Hi-Fi
PFS Cast Manifold
TurboSmart 45mm wastegate with custom external dump
Custom 2.5" to 3" Intercooler piping
Small FMIC (i think its small) 17.5”x 11.75”x 3” Core
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Return Fuel System with 1:1 Aeromotive FPR
STOCK Injectors
Custom Full 3" exhaust with HKS Hi-Power Muffler
NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs Gapped to .028
K&N Air Filter
Greddy Type-RS BOV

TurboEast 12 wire Black Box
AEM Uego Wideband
Autometer Sport Comp Boost Gauge with TurboEast Gauge Pod
Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer

Tein CS Coilovers
Rays Gram Lights 57S Pros:
FRONT - 18 x 7.5 offset +40 with 215/40-18 tires
REAR - 18 x 9.0 offset +40 with 265/35-18 tires
RMM Rear Lip Spoiler
Flatline's Tail Light Tint
Painted Headlights and Fogs
Sport Design Grill

yada yada...



Not me standin up there lol.

Dyno Sheet:

Tuned myself with the SAFC-II. Made 299WRHP (300 ) and 281RWTQ @ 7psi with a somewhat conservative tune on stock compression and stock injectors. Currently i have a little bit more aggressive tune so im not sure how much power im pushing now.

Within the next year i HOPE to put in a Tubular manifold, Thicker HG, Bigger Injectors, Standalone and maybe a W58 Trans.

new setup

new vs old

almost done


New Precision 6176S Turbo
AEM EMS with 3.5 Bar Map Sensor
Tubular manifold


2004 IS300 MSM 2JZ-GTE VVT-i Single 61mm 5 Speed
2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport LB

Precision's Boosted Ride of the Month

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