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Thanks to Jeff and crew at TurboEast for their amazing work and service, all my goals have been acheived and then some. I received an outstanding product producing outstanding performance at a reasonable cost! His customers can always expect to be well taken care of…even after the sale!

The supercharger did wonders and I was very happy with it, but after reevaluating my preferences and goals, I decided that changing over to a turbo better fit my needs.

Facts about my old Supercharger setup here:

One of my main goals was to have myself a 12-second every day driving sleeper.

I could have reached that 12 second goal with the supercharger and in fact had planned on Jeff doing some other modifications to reach that goal such as a bump back up in compression from 9:1 to about 9.5:1, return fuel system, and other stuff, but then decided that it would be more economical for me to convert to turbo since I decided to stop being ignorant to myself in saying that I would be happy once I reached my goal and wanted the ability to tap more power in the future if I decide to. With the supercharger, I could have reached my 12 second goal with stall converter, drag radials and the other stuff mentioned above, but when I met that goal, that would have been all the car could achieve without adding something like nitrous on top of the supercharger in order to go faster.


A Special Stage 3 (SS3) Turbo from TurboEast. I may end up being a one-off, but if you have interest in this kit, call Jeff about the production of any additional kits of this type in the future.

Parts List (many new, many already existing):

Garrett TE63 turbo (Polished)…TE spec’d
TE 2mm Head gasket
TE turbo header (Polished)
TE Down pipe
TiAL 38mm Wastegate
Turbo XS Blow-off valve
Dual stage TurboXS manual boost controller
TE Custom remote dual stage boost switch (13psi & 15psi settings) in PAS COMP
Walbro 255lph Performance fuel pump
TE Custom fuel return system w/ fuel pressure gauge and regulator
TE Custom ECU open loop switch in engine compartment
RC Engineering 440cc fuel injectors
26”X13”X4” Polished intercooler & all aluminum IC piping
TE custom 3” exhaust to mid-pipe
Greddy Cat-back exhaust system
Greddy Billet aluminum oil catch can
TurboXS Wideband and tuner
Auto Meter PRO-COMP Boost gauge (custom mounted inside glove box)
Greddy E-Manage w/ boost sensor, ignition harness & injecton harness
ACIS Valve eliminated
NGK 3330 Spark plugs
TE Valve body upgrade
TE Transmission cooler
TE Stall Converter (2,800rpm)
TE Electronic Shift Kit (ESK)
TeCK Grounding Kit

Pictures of the Parts (This is a 90% solution...I'm getting a turbo blanket which will allow me to take off the heat wrapping on the coupling and changing out the black vacuum tube going into the oil catch can to braided steel line, among a few other things:

Remote Boost Controller Switch (13psi and 15psi setting):

TurboXS Wideband and Tuner:

Front shot, note Greddy Billet Aluminum Catch Can:

TurboXS Dual Stage Boost Controller:

The Downpipe:

TE Custom Return Fuel System with Fuel Pressure Gauge:

TE Custom Return Fuel System with Fuel Pressure Gauge (2):

Note the beautiful Turbo Header:

Note the beautiful Turbo Header (2):

Daytime Frontal Shot:

TurboXS Dual Stage Boost Controller, close up:

Garrett TE63 Turbo and Turbo Header, close up:

NOPI Nationals 2004 PICS (Placed 1st in Conservative Class and 2nd in the 6cyl F/I Dyno Competition):

Sorry, had the trunk open and didn't realize it...the gap is normally not that


13psi (My everyday driving boost):

15psi (My track and if I feel like being rascally on the street boost)

17psi (Easily obtained and a bragging right dyno only boost for the most part. I may decide to ¼ mile this number with C16, but I’m debating risking my tranny or parts of my drivetrain)
Partial fill with C16 RACE GAS

Comparison dyno chart depicting the power bands for all my boost settings overlayed together:

Note the 11psi (As a test since my SC was running this boost level. This is not a boost setting my car uses):

¼ mile performance (Spinning, normal operating temperature, P225 tire, no LSD, no stall converter, spare tire taken out):


13psi (pump gas)
Climate: Noted in timeslip

15psi (pump gas)
Climate: 60's, cool night. Very nice.

17psi (C16 race gas)
Climate: n/a


Gas mileage:
CITY: 15-17mpg
HWY: 24.3 – 21mpg depending on my friskiness


Sound: The loudness of my car went down by about 10 fold in comparison to my SC setup, despite the turbo header and 3” exhaust to my cat-back. No joke, my car now sounds like a N/A’d IS300 with a HKS hyper as the only mod…and I know what that sounds like. Even at WOT, the loudest thing going on for me is the wastegate throwing excess air into the atmosphere. I haven’t heard too many turbo BOVs in person, but I can’t imagine a BOV being any louder than what mine does. I’ve scurred too many people already with that thing. Man is that BOV addictive!!!

Idle: Stock…sometimes minor hiccups at idle (like cars with larger cams do every now and then) when first starting up the car after it’s already warmed up and has been sitting awhile, but that’s it. The car starts much easier now with the return fuel system. Only sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to crank to a start.

Acceleration: Freakin’ fast! Fast when at normal boost, then when I flip the switch it is sick fast!!! When I was running only ~330rwhp (the hp before Jeff could dyno tune it) the car had already felt 3x faster than with the supercharger. I credit this to the monster torque and overall power curve. To prove the fact, here’s a tidbit. Even though I had only ~330 rwhp, I had about 90 more rwtq throughout the majority of the power band than the supercharger!

Shifting: The shifts in my TE VB upgrade is much more refined now…probably due to the change in power curve. It shifts much smoother at part throttle and low RPM shifts, but still retains the throw your head into the headrest kick when shifting at WOT…if the tires catch hard that is. With the 15psi setting, my rear end does a little waddle during the 2-3rd gear shift usually.

Traction: Still not many problems on this end while on the street, but at the track I was getting more wheel spin than I ever have...enough to know that I'm loosing at least .2 seconds off the 1/4 mile E.T. I think my P225 Yokohama AVS ES100’s are relatively sticky, so other than getting slightly sideways on shifts sometimes and the track, I don't think I'm doing too bad in this department.

Turbo lag: Just note my 60' times...I'm slower in my 60' now by .2 seconds than when my car was stock. I must get a stall converter! However in reference to every other situation on the street, I am happy with the turbo selection b/c it seems to ride on the edge of big enough to produce mad power and small enough to spool incredibly fast for what it is.

Heat: The turbo header absolutely helps me out in this department. I am truly amazed at how cool everything stays under the hood. When I first got the car and opened the hood for the first time when the car was at full operating temperature, I expected to get blasted in the face with the extra heat over the SC, but it just didn’t happen. The reason must be because I don’t have a cast iron turbo manifold under-hood which means temps are much lower than usual for most turbo setups….yay!

Running piggy-back ECU: I’ve never had problems with this system and still don’t. Jeff has a “special” solution which prevents the stock ECU from “relearning” the settings input into the Greddy E-Manage. I have had the opportunity to closely monitor the wideband for while now and have not seen any changes in A/F ratios during cruising, idle or WOT. For those who are still non-believers, here I am : ) Do I wish I had a standalone? Yes and no. Yes if you gave me one for the same price as the E-manage, no if you tell me I have to fork over another $1,500-$3,000 for it. : )

Funability: I’ll just have to take someone out for a ride, it’s beyond time, space and imagination! There’s no way to describe it other than feeling like I am in a high-performance jet.


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Bought the car with the toyomoto stage 5 setup since then....
New gte block
Supra pistons
Pautter Rods(transferred from oringinal engine)
272 cams
HKS cam gears
ported head
oversized ferrea valves
spings and retainers are on the way
dual HKS super sequential BOV
Nitrous express intercooler sprayer
Tanabe pro coilovers
L-tuned sway bars
ROTORA upgraded brakes
19 Motegi Racing Wheels
There is a lot of other cosmetic stuff on the car as well. I am doing the work myself and just waiting for the machine shop to finish the head. It should be running within a couple weeks. I will post dyno results as well as pictures and a full list of the upgrades when the car is finished.
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Swift Racing Stage II with Haltec fuel management.

8.5 psi = 345rwhp

track time at 7psi = 13.7 @ 106mph (NO TRACTION)

stock 5-speed tranny, RPS clutch

so how many boosted IS3's are out there?
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Totally forgot this list existed.

2003 Graphite Grey Pearl 5MT IS300

Boost Logic IS300T Kit
BL61mm turbo
IS300 SS321 T4 Tubular Manifold Ceramic Heat Coated
HKS 40mm Wastegate
SS304 Polished Dump Tube
IS300 SS304 T4 Manifold Adaptor
SS304 3" Polished Vband Downpipe
SS304 3" Polished Midpipe
SS304 3" Polished Midpipe Adaptor
Boost Logic -3AN Oil Feed and -10AN Return Kit
3" Aluminum Mandrel Bent and Polished Intake Pipe
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve
Walbro 255LPH High Pressure Fuel Pump
Custom Machined 50lb Injectors
Aeromotive -10AN Fuel Pressure Regulator
0-100PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
Boost Logic Fuel Return Kit with AN Fittings
ARP Head Studs
3 Bar Map Sensor
GM Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Boost Logic T4 Turbo Blanket
PFS 3" cat back
Upgraded 6puck ACT clutch
TT pistons, rods, headgasket (machined, balanced, yada yada yada..engine shop took a long ass time)

TEC3 Standalone (waiting for Justin to retune it)
Blitz SBC iD electronic boost controller
PLX Devices M300 wideband
Blitz Turbo timer

sleeper look

didn't get a chance to clean the piping

dirty tubular header

mid pipe

dyno'ed at 12-12.5psi earlier in the year.

More pictures to come after I get back from China and motor/clutch are broken in. Going to get Justin to retune the TEC3 for the new setup and then dyno with a higher psi on pump.

Driving Impressions
Haven't gone past 4000 rpm as I am taking it easy during break in period but the car drives very smooth, almost stock like. But notice the power jump as the car approaches 4Krpm, thats when all hell breaks loose and stock tires start smokin' (This event was experienced while I had my old setup, same turbo size)

More to come...thanks guys


-07 JDM Championship white Civic Type R
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more pics to come.

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heres my ride just finished started in fall of 04

used SRT stage II old kit with turbonetics turbo and e-manage
Turbo East 2.1 mm head gasket
Turbo East little Black box
Greddy type s boost controller
zetronix wideband/press/egt
trd gauge pod with Blitz gauges press/egt/fuel press
blitz turbo timer
titan cam gear
PFS 3" exhuast powder coated black other that tip
custom powder coated IC piping and exhaust mani and down pipe


02 Turbo IS300 SOLD
01 S2000 Black/Red
05 Civic SI
HD Roadking
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1999 Lexus IS200
1JZGTE COnversion
Haltech E6x
Hybrid Intercooler
Custom 3" Exhaust
Stock turbos
Turbo Smart E-Boost
Supra T T Fuel Pump
W58 5 Speed

On 13psi, makes 210rwkw. Best Quater mile, is [email protected]

link to Video
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TurboEast IS300 Sport Turbo S1 Kit(AKA Budget Turbo Kit)

TurboEast IS300 Sport Turbo S1 Kit(AKA Budget Turbo Kit)
Please go to
for more info:

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drive by links removed..

2001 MSM E-Shift Pushing 7-8 PSI
Vortech V2-SQ (Super Quite) supercharger unit
GTE Bottom end
LMS Piping
PWR Intercooler
B&M Tranny Cooler
Toyomoto VB
Pro1 Header @ Race pipe
Greddy Exhaust

LMS I-Manage
Zeitronix Wide Band
Defi Boost/Oil/Fuel pressure

H&R springs
Tokico Illumina
PLP front and rear Strut bars

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Toyomoto Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Or what I like to call stage X or Stage 7

Drop off: May 13th 2005
Pick Up: August 15th 2005

Garret GT35R .68 A/R
Toyomoto Tubular Manifold
80mm Throttle Body (LS400) thanks DAS
Shaved Intake manifold
20x10x3 Front mount intercooler
3 inch Intercooler piping from the intercooler to the TB
3 inch inlets on the FMIC
2.5 inch piping from turbo to intercooler
Vortech blow off valve
Supra TT Internals (pistons, rods, rings, bearings)
Boost Logic Turbo Blanket
Haltech E8
Toyomoto return/fuel system
Walboro pump
720cc injectors
Tial 40mm Waste gate (open dump)
HKS Hi Power 3inch muffler (angled up and out)
3 inch exhaust
3 Inch down pipe
No governor
1mm head gasket (TT internals)
PLP non vented radiator panel

W58 (SC300)
-Clutch masters double diaphragm Kevlar disc

Defi BF White Boost 60mm
Defi BF White Oil Pressure 60mm
Defi Control Unit II
AEM UEGO Wideband (Silver)

Brembro front and rear brakes slotted and drilled
Axis ceramic brake pads


More info/updates/pics/meets/ etc on my personal website:


07 BSP IS350
Sold, but never forgotten Turbo'd 04 MSM IS300
RIP Supercharged 03 IBP IS300
New FL Members Database: Click Here!
FL2k10 Mega Meet
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BoostLogic Kit
- PTE61 turbo
- BoostLogic SS321 tubular NA-T manifold with IS300 manifold adapter
- 3" downpipe/mid pipe
- BoostLogic 2.5 mm headgasket
- PTE intercooler (core 18" x 6.2" x 3.5")
- Aluminum 2.5" intercooler piping
- Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
- 525 cc injectors
- BoostLogic return fuel kit with Aeromotive FPR and braided stainless steel fuel lines
- Electromotive TEC3
- Denso IK24 spark plugs
- Blitz SBC-id
- EFI Uego 1000 wideband

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TurboEast stage2
Engine Internal
- 2jz gte shortblock, head gasket
- ARP Head Studs
- Peter farrall supercar 3" exhaust, Race Pipe
- Sprag and valve body upgrade (TurboEast)
- Blitz turboTimer
- Autometer C2 boost gauge
- Greddy E01 Boost Controller display
- 18" BBS RGR diamond black

2001 IS300 turbo
- Motec M48
- TT shortblock
- GT35r
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Includes TE Tubular Stainless Steel Manifold
TE Garrett T04E 60 Trim spec Turbocharger
TE Front Mount Intercooler (Core Size 17x9x3)
TE Aluminum Intercooler Piping w/ bead rolled ends
4 Layer Silicone Couplers w/ Stainless Steel Lined Clamps
Tial 38mm Wastegate
TurboXS Blow-Off Valve
TE 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
TE 3" Stainless Steel Racepipe
TE Electronics Black Box
TE Turbo Fuel Delivery System
6 NGK 3330 Spark Plugs
TE Open Element Air Filter
All Fittings and Adapters


Greddy E-Manage w/ boost sensor and injector harness
Borla Cat-Back
Greddy Catch Can
Autometer Nexus Gauges, Boost, EGT, FP

Hotcis (SP?) Sways and Springs
Axis Reverb 18X8.5 235 F 18X9.5R 255 R

Dynoed at PFS (because Jeffs has it like that) @324 RWHP 301 ft/lbs of, bone crushing, torque.

1/4 mile E/T 13.83 @ 102.3mph (.6 reaction)

I have said it before but this car is incredible, it's so driveable. It sounds like stock and drives like stock until you romp on it and then it's gone. The powerband is perfect it comes on just right so the only time I break traction is a tiny wheel hop on the 1-2 shift.

Your talkin to my guy all wrong...your using the wrong it againg and I'll stab you in the face with a soldering Iron
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Name: Julian Yun

S/C with Blast Racing custom piping
HKS Fcon V-pro
Koyo Radiator
Auto to w58 Manual Conversion...
My Shaldan Apple Air Freshner! (50+ WHP!)
other goodies =)
daily driven and well maintained
no trunk or backseats...weeeeeeeeee

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Car is done, but still needs a couple of minor details worked out. Heres a quick writeup:

Custom Stage 4 SRT

PT-72 GTQ Turbo
780cc injectors
Blitz boost controller
TITAN 264 cams
3" downpipe to 2 x 2.5inch split
Haltech E6X
Crower valve springs, Titanium retainers
GTE style intake manifold, 75mm TB
Blitz Gauges (boost, EGT, Fuel Pressure)
Stock GTE bottom end
V160 tranny
Custom Tubular manifold
Racelogic traction control
GS400 Rear Diff
and some mild port and polishing done by Moe

Im waiting for Moe to email me the dyno results, but at 9.5psi i hit 420rwhp and at 19.5 i hit 615rwhp. I have some pics taken but the car was dirty as all hell. I'll post more pics after the car gets detailed.

Current: '03 BMW M3
Recaro | VOLK TE37's | Stoptech | Rogue Engineering | SuperSprint | Meisterschaft | VF Supercharged | AST 4100's

Gone: '03 SRT Built IS300 (615rwhp @ 19psi pump gas)

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