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Originally Posted by BlakeOut View Post
Hey what's up people my first post on glad to finally be about it! Ill try to make the post short and readable. This is my third is300 and it's the charm!
I have an 03 MT5 speed with 160k on Air Lift Performance air bags. It's the dark gray metallic and paint is in pretty good condition! Has 3SDM wheels. B&M short shifter. Vertex front and back bumper. TRD rep side skirts. Greddy style duck wing I believe. M&M Sport custom 3 ring tail lights!! Dark backing headlights and Altezza front grill and emblem and Lexus/is300 emblem delete on back and Altezza emblem put on. Roof wing as well. Black leather seats no rips! And floral fabric A pilars! I couldnt be happier with it and it's my forever baby! Just trying to make a couple tweaks to get her where I want her.

Big questions! I have the dreaded p0133, p0153, p0430, p0420, p0195, p0197 codes. Basically telling me my cats are clogged and its throwing all my bullshit off. It's at 160k and it's to be expected. All three of my is300s had the same codes on and off and always had to replace the cats. I came across a small unicorn.. some authentic Mazzuri headers and y pipe 😄 The headers are welded to the y pipe! I currently have stock manifold, megan y pipe, resonator delete, and greddy sp exhaust, also have stock intake with joeZ pipe and k&n filter.

My plan was to put these Mazzuri headers and y pipe on and run my resonator delete and was gonna get a Manzo exhaust to fix my old broken greddy sp.
I know I'll have to get a o2 simulator, which brand would you guys suggest? Dont wanna get anything cheap or less in quality.
I know the Mazzuri along with a resonator delete, and manzo exhaust might not have enough back pressure? I figure the Manzo would have more back pressure than say the greddy revolution rs, or the hks hi power? If none of those matter I'll end up getting the hks.

Main question is, and sorry to speel everything. Probabaly wasnt needed lol. But, can I run the stock intake with k&n filter, joeZ pipe, with the Mazzuri headers and y pipe, with a resonator delete and one of those exhaust without a tune?? Not trying to cheap out of a tune cause I know that's where you start to get more power, which I'll do eventually. But would that work?
Will the Mazzuri headers call for a better intake such as SRT intake or AEM or even a K&N cold air? If I put on a intake will i need to tune it forsure? Putting on the headers will i need a tune forsure? Can i get away with slapping them? I think the SRT intake comes with a plug and play tuner?
Honestly I knooow these are questions that have been answered a million times. I found a post previously that has the answers for everything I'm asking and for the life of my I cant find it. At the least if i could get some input on what to do and what is okay, or even if someone could send me that link to that awesome post that had like 3 ways of doing it. 1 was like cheap , 2 was like doing it right and a small tune, 3 was like all the way full bolt ons with a tune. I really appreciate it and anyone who has the balls to read this mf your awesome. I wrote a short story here that's already been wrote I bet Haha.
Any way thanks! I'm just stoked and trying to do it right, love my IS. And now having these Mazzuri headers I'm trying to do it right. Attachment 124539Attachment 124537Attachment 124537Attachment 124537Attachment 124537
It will run fine without tuning. The old SRT intake, came with a signal conditioner for the 3.5 inch pipe.

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