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ABS activated at slow speeds - SOLVED!

Okay so I drive a 2002 Lexus IS300 and I'm sure other people have experienced this issue where the ABS brakes activate at slow speeds (<5km/h) when coming to a stop. I brought it to a mechanic, he tested everything and couldn't figure it out. Same with dealership. So I did my own research and found this thread on ( If you read the last paragraph that is the SOLUTION.

I did it today and it WORKED!!! Literally anyone can do this and I swear it takes LESS than 10 mins to do.

So you basically take off the front tires, make sure when working on the drivers side tire it's turned hard to the left and when working on the passenger it's turned hard to the right. I did both sides. So you take off the tire, the unbolt the 10mm bolt that holds the wheel speed sensor (see pictures). Take out the speed sensor. What i saw was a bunch of rust built up (see pics), so i got some sandpaper and sanded it all off so it was a shiny silver metal colour again. Then I cleaned and sprayed the sensor with electrical spray (see in the pic) which you can buy at any hardware store. Reinstalled the sensor, and BAM problem is GONE!!!!!!!!!! The rust that built up over time pushed the sensor far enough away from the reluctor ring (or tone ring) so it couldn't read how fast the tire was spinning hence the ABS activating at low speeds. Once you sand that rust away, it will work perfectly again.



2002 IS300 RWD 5-SPD LSD TRANNY, Red on Black

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