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Originally Posted by Pongstatus View Post
My mom's car (Elantra) battery was dead so I jump started with my car (Lexus is300 2001). I did not drive my car that following day until the next day. On the next day I started up the Lexus I found out the battery was dead, no cranks, nothing. After jump starting my car, the car ran fine for 5 mins. It then started bogging down and hesitating with all the dash lights freaking out. I parked the car on the curve and it turned out the battery was dead again. I proceeded to jump start it again it but it hesitated and died. I installed a newer battery which started the car however there is now a multiple cylinder misfire. The car throws p0300, p0302, p0303, and p0306.

-At first, I thought it was an alternator problem but it was the battery.
-what could be the problem for the multiple misfires.

-The car had multiple misfires before but it was fixed by just restarting the car/ clearing the codes
The misfires are just because of the low voltage. If you jumped the car and it ran for at least 45 minutes. The battery should have charged back up. If it keeps dropping voltage. Hav the alternator and battery load checked at the auto parts store. One or both may be bad.

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