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Cleaned up the sedan calipers as best I could. Pushed out the pistons with compressed air, primed and painted them:

Painted over the dust covers because they're getting replaced anyway:

Installed Bluetooth and USB. Even though the CD player works, I'm not going to carry around my High School CD case with me

Tucked the box and Bluetooth transmitter behind the glove box:

The struts I purchased for cheap didn't work. I didn't even know Fig's carried them. Would have been my first option:

Picked up a Magnaflow manifold from a good buddy on the forum. He included gaskets and paperwork!

Even though the timing cover says the belt was replaced 40k ago, I have a feeling the belt was all that was replaced. The water pump looks original and I have no proof the tensioner or anything else was touched. Decided to give myself peace of mind:

OEM rubber brake lines, clips and gaskets were going to run $250. Picked up some stainless instead. Always had a mental block about these things... We'll see how it goes:

'03 Wagon - Stock
'02 Sedan - Not Stock

"There's nothing like waiting and getting exactly what you want."
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