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Finally got rid of all my rear camber, or as much as I can take out with oem adjustments.

F -6 camber 0 toe
R -2 camber 0 toe

Drives much better imo. When drifting it's much more controllable. Very happy about it thus far.

The brz diff finally got some highway testing a couple weeks ago and it was worse then I expected. at 70 it revs at 3500 and 80 at 4k. Luckily I don't do much highway driving so my usual average actually hasn't changed at all. I'm really regretting not doing solid diff bushings when I did the install because the stock bushings are absolutely done.

Mission front end rebuild is still underway, Ive got Trd Lca #2s , new tie rods, moog lower ball joints and poly rack bushings. I plan to pick up a couple more items before I tear into it, looking at the battle version rcas that add steering lock also. After that I'll be doing the rear.

Motor is still completely stock, planning to do the 90k service here asap as I have a nasty oil leak from the back of the valve cover (I hope).

Pretty happy with the car, I've learned lot so far. I've been practicing sliding around and have gotten somewhat decent, its definitely the most fun I've ever had behind the wheel.

Also picked up a vertex kit, its pretty wrecked so it'll be a while before install.

On a side note, reading back through some of my old posts makes me cringe.

2003 Cw Auto (Rip)
2002 Bo 5 speed Sportcross (current)
-Frs/Brz 4.1 lsd
-5 speed swap
-Megan coilovers

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