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Originally Posted by whatthe View Post
I plan to take mine down, but nearest track is 3 hour drive one way. I will likely play around with launches on the mr dyno/gtech on the street to sort out a few issues before I go. Either way, I think it's worthwhile to go through the motions to figure out how to launch your car and get moving quick. On the street, I really don't think it's fun to do 180mph, and would rather get it over with quick. The more you can maximize what you have, the better the odds that you can have the race over and done with by the time you reach the speed limit.

I modified the typical ET/MPH from hp formulas when I had my Aristo to get more reasonable prediction for mediocore street tire/suspnsion for trying to hit a number at the track. It was a good guideline for me to figure out what side of the line I was on and where I should improve. i.e. If a person is running in low 11 second range with only 120mph, you know its a drag tire setup, and something very very good is going on to get it to hook that well. If someone is running 140mph and only high 10s, you know they are making a crap ton of power and there is definite room for improvement on the traction side.

There are too many variables to make it perfect, but some comments - power curve plays a big part in your overall times/speed. If you only make 460whp peak for 500 rpms, don't use it to predict your times. If the average is more like 420whp, use the average 420whp number.

Also dynojets might get slagged for producing bigger numbers, but it's a really a super simple device and error is more likely on the operator side. Post the corrected numbers to compare to other cars power numbers from around the globe, but ask for uncorrected numbers if you want to figure out how fast your car is going to go.

Drag tires/and really drag focused suspensions should be able to improve over these times.
Those are really cool graphs your right about the 1/4 miles its hard to estimate that because of the variables but the mph one looks pretty accurate! My car last year around 560whp went 126mph for comparison

2004 IS300 600whp /// 487wtq
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