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So my wife was out of town this weekend, I decided to try to knock out the Ikeya Subframe collars again.

Managed to get out enough bolts to do them. Went pretty smooth otherwise though. Only had an issue getting one collar in, one of the top ones, but unbolted the coilover and it went in no problem. Then I messed up by not supporting the diff when I pulled one bolt, so it didn't want to thread back in. I got the jack under it and loosed the other bolts then it went in no problem.

Put anti-seize on all the bolts, torqued to factory specs of 94ftlbs.

IMG_3823_zpssit6ytou by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_5398_zpsh70hyttd by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_5396_zpsayhnrgfj by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_5397_zpsgy8utdr8 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_5399_zpsozklxgab by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_5400_zpsm7u66pxt by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Haven't driven the car yet though. Wish it wasn't my daily so I had more time to clean up stuff underneath lol maybe one day.

Getting an alignment this week on stock wheels, then I'm going to try my hand at fiberglass work. Going to start with my cracked/damaged fender. If that goes well, I'll be doing some work on my Vertex hood spoiler to get some more experience and then I will begin the process of joining my Elixir kit. Should have a final piece Monday/Tuesday

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